By Queasy - 24/01/2010 00:15 - Canada

Today, I found out that sitting in the third row at a 3D movie makes me vomit. Today I also found out that the big burly dude in front of me does not appreciate being vomited on. Now I feel nauseous and have a black eye. Not to mention I missed the last part of the movie. FML
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Actually Dave, they used the word 'nauseous' correctly. You're the one who got them the wrong way round. Well done.


JoshTheMaggot 8

fyl dude I'm sorry that sucks. but hey now you have battle scars and a cool (made up) story to tell ure friends.

haha i did that once (made a story not the fml) but that does suck big time

let me guess avatar, the same thing happened to me except for the black eye

mhmm. avatar made me puke too. 3rd row + imax + me = vomit.

scvcwcheer 0

#1 has a point. but also, that's really close for any movie...

It was Avatar, and I had to clean up OP's vomit. Thanks for making my job interesting!

I suffer from motion sickness and that movie made me a bit sick but the blue nipple in 3D was well worth it.

escapenowx 0

samee here -- the motionsickness part. I've still failed at seeing that movie :

That's one of the best written FML! Well, it's still an FML. Double, nah, triple hit - OP did pay for the movie which will have to re-watch. Each of those things suck, but together - the low of lows.

Yeah, its definitely not a movie to watch if you get motion sickness. My friends who went to see it who know they can't take the constant motion had to take Dramamine first. Hope you get to see the ending, later!

uhhh i saw it it was a lot easier than lets say a rollercoaster or idk u dont get motion sickness from avatar

Hiimhaileypotter 52

#36, You'd be surprised. I get motion sickness from EVERYTHING, and that includes Avatar in 3D and a couple other movies.

Wouldn't surprise me if it was Avatar. It was beautiful but man, I felt nauseous the whole time.

I see you. Maybe you shouldn't eat before you watch a movie?

HamsteronA 0

FAIL. ydi for eating cabbage.

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Really , dude, FYL!!! I feel your pain, I once got queasy while playing Grand Theft Auto. Yet, it's one of the funniest FMLs I've read in a while!

He could of been eating during the movie.