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Today, I was late to a sold out movie in the theater, so I had to shuffle in during the previews in the dark. I sat down in what I thought was the last vacant seat, but I'd really just sat in a small woman's lap. She was not happy. FML
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I_have_no_clue 0

How could you not notice someone in a seat? F her life.

sammehsaurus 0

Wait, what's that supposed to mean? Haha..


sammehsaurus 0

Wait, what's that supposed to mean? Haha..

yeah i meant were! i was thinking about something else while typing.. fail. lol im stupid.

Person000 0

was she supposed to be excited and happy for you...idiota!!!

did you ask her why she wasn't in middle earth, taking the one ring into mordor?

Aww OP. Don't ack like you didn't enjoy it though ;)

the_flirtt 0

dont they have the lighting on the side,well atleast my theater does .


oh god please don't tell me the you felt somethin wigglen in her pants when you did that ughhh 8=D  tiny penis (like your MOTHERS) how do I know? reason...

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hey is this comment taken? oh **** there's a midget on this one. I'm sorry I'll just go get another one sorry ma'am.

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only in texas can someone mistake a person for a seat regardless of lighting... ydi

the_flirtt 0

124 how does Texas have anything to do with that ?

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35 I'm not one to talk and I honestly don't mean to offend you but you should change your profile picture because I can't tell if your a boy or girl. straighten your hair and smile and it'll look good good.

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Jessi2487 0

my comment disappeared. ugh! 126- jus know tht nothin i say makes any sense wat so ever

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btw did u know ur friggin' sexy?? im sure u do

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really?? hmmm how do u kno this? are u a scientist??

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138 I don't know if it's a fake pic or not but his names the flirt, his description is about sex and he says message me don't be shy so it fits all the descriptions of a pedo. I think it's real cause it's on a shitty camera but it might be fake who cares anyways 136 do you like kid cudi?

your cute. im not trying to hook up on fml or anything. just saying

I was definitely thinking the same thing.

It took me a little while to think of it.

sammehsaurus 0

This makes me glad I'm not a midget 

I had a tiny objection to this comment, ill, but since your generally agreeable nature dwarves this one-time shortcoming, I'll be the bigger person and overlook it.

Haha that was great. I can't think of any more...

So you're saying that you find yourself short of wit? That you're stumped?

I guess I don't quite measure up to tijd's wit.

You should try to get over your short comings.

Aah, anything further would be a reach anyway.

What do toothbrushes have to do with this?!

ladykat 0

97 is talking about 'reach' brand toothbrushs!

Ha! Ah Trollz. You were quite missed. *mwah*

KiddNYC1O 20

nothing like a short-lived thread...

migets are funny lol they always love to sit in the front seat

I like how you think the word "midget" is more than one word. :P *ducks*

this thread cracked me up. we should crack down on rubbish threads and all threads should be like this now.

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Wowsers. This wouldn't have happened if you'd been wearing your sign. . .

woulda been worse if you sat on someones drink or popcorn..just saying.

TheZarola 10

You would think you could at least see a silhouette. The screen produces enough light, doesn't it? YDI.

Tasanasanta 0

OP said a small woman. Her head didn't poke above the seat.

TheZarola 10

Yeah, I know. By silhouette, I meant a general shape in the darkness.

I_have_no_clue 0

How could you not notice someone in a seat? F her life.

Palmless 0

Stop making us Texans look bad. Geez.

Tasanasanta 0

Yeah, what is with all the dipshits in Texas lately >=( Everyone stop acting retarded! And how is this an FML? Oh nooo! Small woman you will never see again hates you!

FYLBroseph 0

Being an Oklahoman, I feel obligated to tell you that there's no such thing as making a Texan look bad. ;)

sammehsaurus 0

Being a Californian, I think that Texans... Never mind. I think the Texans on this site outnumber me D:

The short woman must have been from out of state. ;)

gibby1235 6

hey being from Texas isn't bad at all I'm from San Antonio Texas and if u have a problem with it F*** YOU! imagine me saying that nicely.