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Today, I was late to a sold out movie in the theater, so I had to shuffle in during the previews in the dark. I sat down in what I thought was the last vacant seat, but I'd really just sat in a small woman's lap. She was not happy. FML
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  xWTF_FML_FTWx  |  1

oh god please don't tell me the you felt somethin wigglen in her pants when you did that

ughhh 8=D  tiny penis (like your MOTHERS) how do I know? reason...

  DudeImBetter  |  0

35 I'm not one to talk and I honestly don't mean to offend you but you should change your profile picture because I can't tell if your a boy or girl. straighten your hair and smile and it'll look good good.

  DudeImBetter  |  0

138 I don't know if it's a fake pic or not but his names the flirt, his description is about sex and he says message me don't be shy so it fits all the descriptions of a
pedo. I think it's real cause it's on a shitty camera but it might be fake who cares anyways
136 do you like kid cudi?

  Tasanasanta  |  0

Yeah, what is with all the dipshits in Texas lately >=(
Everyone stop acting retarded!
And how is this an FML? Oh nooo! Small woman you will never see again hates you!