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LMFAO!!! at wazdog not the fml but I think you could sue him the neibhor WTF it's not his place to let someone in your apartment. DICK


I assume they trust (or trusted) them. It's nice to know someone has an extra set of your keys if you lose them or there's an emergency.


Or to water the plants, feed the fish. Strange though, how someone found out who had the key, convinced them he was your brother and got them to let him in to your house, even though he could obviously not be visiting YOU. Who is that stupid? Feel sorry for you OP, I'm hoping the only damage is a slept-in bed or an empty fridge, but you're probably not that lucky...

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Don't worry I picked up after myself for the most part, you should change your sheets though... Oh ya, your shampoo sucks, you should try a different brand.

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