By jessmess - 01/08/2012 16:44 - United States - Corpus Christi

Today, I went to do the laundry at my hotel. I had just enough money for my two loads. After getting frustrated with the washer taking two of my quarters and giving no credit, I took the clothes out. The washer then locked the door shut and started without my clothes. FML
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That washing machine is trolling you.

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That sucks, just go complain that it's broken and maybe they will refund you :)


twinkledinosaur 0

That sucks, just go complain that it's broken and maybe they will refund you :)

This is a rough situation but would someone really go to a employee and demand for their 50 cents back? Not try to sound like a rich ass or anything just curious on the standpoint here

Exactly what I would do…but its not really like it costs a hell of a lot to use a laundromat. I wouldn't know, but I'm guessing that its not quite that expensive.

Those fifty cents could have been the best fifty cents in your life!

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I'd definitely ask for my money back. Not necessarily because 50 cents is a ton of money, but based on the principle that I shouldn't have to pay for a service that I didn't receive.

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I totally would. It's the principle, and like OP said, she only had just enough quarters. It'd be a waste to make the trip for nothing.

Hell! I've complained for twenty five cents! They refunded my money and gave me the candy bar for free!

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That's cheap! The laundromat I used was $3 for the washer and .50 for 20 minutes in the dryer!

Alright thanks for telling me and I only had -3 thumbs after this! And yeah I hear ya if you pay for a service you don't receive you should go and correct it for a fair trade in business. And the company should fix it to maintain integrity and principle. Thanks again :D

Principles are more important than the amount of money. If it were me, I'd have asked for a refund. :)

I'd talk to the manager, not because I want 50¢ back, but just because their machine is broken and I'd have laundry to do. Plus it's a hotel, so they might have a policy of helping out in situations like this.

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I guess maybe go home? Two loads of laundry is a lot for a trip.. A sign from above

Maybe she is washing for more than one person?

If you go home then you just wasted all of that time and didn't even do anything.

OP could be on a business trip and may need a lot of clothing

I think you're all missing the key fact that OP explicitly states "at [her] hotel". That "trip" was at most a 5 minute walk and maybe a few oh so strenuous presses of elevator buttons.

maybe be more patient next time, its a waste to just take all your clothes out without waiting to see if it might work

Wait, I didn't comment on your comment. Why is this here?(25) ._.

Unfortunately, patience is called a "virtue" because very few people actually possess it.

One thing comes to mind: FUUUUUUUCKK!!! *falcon punches the washer* RAGERAGERAGE!!! Kay, I'm good.

2 fractures of the metacarpal later, I can personally speak --from experience-- that falcon punching hard objects is NOT the way to go. Find a place with no cameras and punch a hole in their drywall, it's much more forgiving.

I-I'm good! *Hic* I'm goo--*pukes* DAMN YOU JACK DANIELS CAPT'N MORGAN RUSSEL CROW JIM CARRY--*passes out*

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Seriously, Squeakychipmunk, Noobsquad and Saintsrocksocks: you all need to get off the drugs and stop embarrassing yourselves online. Every FML's comments I see has you last two spamming stupid shit everywhere.

But...I need it! Don't be such a hard ass. Live a little! Its the Internet! Just don't be a dick. :|  And I'm nit embarrassing myself. I'm being myself: the random, happy go lucky, drunken hyper-active chipmunk. Don't like it? Well, no offense, but you can go fornicate with a metal pipe. Kay, bye.

Complain to the manager. Or just look inside of another washer. It might hold change in it.

That sure puts a spin on your plans now doesn't it

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guess you'll have to wash your clothes old school style. in the sink and hang them outside to dry.

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My mind went to a very dirty place after reading this FML. I saw "laundry" and "two loads" and automatically assumed you were talking about doing the dirty, thanks to a Friends episode where "laundry" was the codeword for sex. Since the washing machine screwed you over, may as well do the fun kind of "laundry" anyways, OP. ;)

BubbleGrunge 18 mind went there as well!

23: At first I saw only "hotel", "two loads", and "frustrated"--naturally I assumed they were talking about sex.

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Well then I don't mind doing "laundry"

laundry? is that what my new nickname is?

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62/68- I'm glad I'm not the only perv on FML! ;)

I hate using public washing machines. People have no respect in taking care of them.