By jessmess - United States - Corpus Christi
Today, I went to do the laundry at my hotel. I had just enough money for my two loads. After getting frustrated with the washer taking two of my quarters and giving no credit, I took the clothes out. The washer then locked the door shut and started without my clothes. FML
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  TrueTriage  |  16

This is a rough situation but would someone really go to a employee and demand for their 50 cents back? Not try to sound like a rich ass or anything just curious on the standpoint here

  kyleekay  |  25

I'd definitely ask for my money back. Not necessarily because 50 cents is a ton of money, but based on the principle that I shouldn't have to pay for a service that I didn't receive.

  TrueTriage  |  16

Alright thanks for telling me and I only had -3 thumbs after this! And yeah I hear ya if you pay for a service you don't receive you should go and correct it for a fair trade in business. And the company should fix it to maintain integrity and principle. Thanks again :D

  doctorhook86  |  24

I'd talk to the manager, not because I want 50¢ back, but just because their machine is broken and I'd have laundry to do. Plus it's a hotel, so they might have a policy of helping out in situations like this.

  Ch0sen  |  13

I think you're all missing the key fact that OP explicitly states "at [her] hotel". That "trip" was at most a 5 minute walk and maybe a few oh so strenuous presses of elevator buttons.

  Meettitan  |  14

2 fractures of the metacarpal later, I can personally speak --from experience-- that falcon punching hard objects is NOT the way to go. Find a place with no cameras and punch a hole in their drywall, it's much more forgiving.

  dominic1221  |  6

Seriously, Squeakychipmunk, Noobsquad and Saintsrocksocks: you all need to get off the drugs and stop embarrassing yourselves online. Every FML's comments I see has you last two spamming stupid shit everywhere.


But...I need it!
Don't be such a hard ass.
Live a little!
Its the Internet!
Just don't be a dick. :| 
And I'm nit embarrassing myself. I'm being myself: the random, happy go lucky, drunken hyper-active chipmunk.
Don't like it?
Well, no offense, but you can go fornicate with a metal pipe.
Kay, bye.

By  kyleekay  |  25

My mind went to a very dirty place after reading this FML. I saw "laundry" and "two loads" and automatically assumed you were talking about doing the dirty, thanks to a Friends episode where "laundry" was the codeword for sex.

Since the washing machine screwed you over, may as well do the fun kind of "laundry" anyways, OP. ;)