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Today, I drove 45 minutes to take my full driver's test. At the end of the test, the instructor told me I'd done everything perfectly, but had failed before I left the parking lot. I didn't see the "one way" sign at the entrance. FML
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mhopper 13

That's pretty important! Just remember that for next time.


mhopper 13

That's pretty important! Just remember that for next time.

I'm not a Perfect driver but people who forget the basic rules of driving like a one way sign scare the hell outta me.

Happened to me, except it was because I didn't come to a complete stop turning right at a red light. Oh well, I tried again and because I knew what I needed to work on I only made one mistake the second time.

Missing a one way sign is quite serious. Imagine if you'd done it on a busy road; anything could have happened! Sorry OP, you deserved to fail...

Well yeah, but it's not like she ignored it, just missed it. There are people who drive aggressively and stupidly knowing full well of rules but disregard them for the sake of trying to save a minute in travel time and they are the ones who scare me. They are usually the ones getting in crashes and taking weeks longer than planned to get to the destination in an attempt to save 5 minutes.

I usually catch these word plays, but I have to admit that I didn't catch it till 48 mentioned it. So I actually have to thank him for that one.

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Wasn't it obvious enough to see cars parked going in one direction?

91 probably not to a new driver. I remember being pretty damn nervous. While its a reason to fail its still understandable that it could happen.

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Here in Indiana you must complete 50 hours total of driving; so in away he's not a new driver per-say, and has read up on one way streets I'm sure.

Ummm you see, about 98% of the people who take the test don't have those hours. In NY state you need 50 hours too. I had less than 50 but had taken drivers Ed and driven a good amount and maybe had around 30 hours or so, still passed on my first try by a large margin, but most kids dont get a pass on their first try because of their lack of experience, and 50 hours is really hardly ever completed anywhere I'm sure.

I completed mine. It can be done and is still done.

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I never completed my 50 hours, but I also took drivers Ed and took the driving test and passed my first, in fact that was yesterday win I passed.

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That's harsh, and unfair but there's always next time?

How is it unfair? What if it was a one way street he got there on?

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Because the instructor made OP go through the whole test even though they failed at the very beginning...

Not unfair, if OP were to pull out onto a one way street on a busy road way it could mean an accident maybe even someone badly injured or killed.

Thank you myo I failed to go into detail with my comment.

Not unfair- you have to be observant when driving, I would hate to have someone like you on the road. If you failed to notice something that important, how can I trust you to be a safe driver with others in the car as well as children on the road. The younger ones sometimes don't look before crossing. Could mean a very big mistake on your part that could change yours and someone else's live forever.

A comment for the word "agreed?" really?

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Why did the instructor waited until the end of the test to let you know you failed from the beginning of it??

#5, Lots fail more than one part of the test. Teachable moments, for the retest.

Well I guess the instructor took the OP for a ride.

Because whether or not you pass, the instructor will take you for the full 15 minute duration of the test. After that, they will go over the results and then tell you if you passed or not.

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When I failed she had me stop immediately she being the instructor.

Yeah... My instructor told me if I messed up even once she was going to make me pull over and fail me on the spot

My brother was failed similarly because he missed a stop sign that was hidden behind a tree, quite literally. You couldn't see it until you had gone past it. In addition to him failing, within a week, the council came and cut the tree branch off too. What a coincidence.

That what I wondered as well... I failed my first driving test literally 2 minutes after it started because of some woman who was too stupid too take a look at the street before backing out of her driveway and the instructor just let me drive around the block and told me I had failed.

67, your brother probably failed because even though the stop sign may have been hidden, the solid white line on the road wouldn't be.

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I bet he gets a lot of people that way don't feel bad.. Prolly the only laugh he gets all day

Is it really that hard to spell out 'probably'?

your instructer could of told you, instead of letting you finish the test and then failing you. dick move on his part.

Every one noticed *could have* but no one noticed that he spelled instructor wrong... Driving testers are not suppose to say anything to help. What if OP was driving alone? no one would have been able to point out the one way sign...

It's safety violation which is an automatic fail. YDI

You should have yielded to see that there was one way to exit. Stop and pay attention. TRAFFICSIGNPUNTRAFFICSIGNPUN. ****, man.

Why? Don't you love me? Do you really wanna hurt me? Do you really wanna make me cry? Ok. TT_TT

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Your comment : That's what happens when you don't pay attention OP. FYL. YDI.