By Pickle - 06/07/2010 05:14 - United States

Today, I finally got around to doing laundry. The washing machines in my condominium building take about an hour to do a load. When I returned to throw my clothes in a dryer, I realized they were never washed in the first place. I used my card and detergent to pay for another person's laundry. FML
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SteelersBaby 0

you guys are so dumb! OP trusted that his/her clothes would be washed properly and left. then someone came in when it was just getting started and replaced OP's clothes with theirs. make sense now? that's how things are when you live in a condo or small appartment building

pay it forward! ;D


first comment! :D

OP, ydi for your own stupidity

ydi for not having your own laundry machine

i like red waffle >:P beat that

so what is fucking your life

your life is now fucked, you should kill yourself

WingsFan80 4

this doesn't even make sense. how would you start a washer and not know your clothes are not in it? op ydi for being a dumbass. get a clue.

Maybe he never looked, and just thought it was his washer. Either way, YDI.

WingsFan80 4

unless of course someone came along and switched it after you left. then I take that back and apologize :)

hghiPigh 0

ydi for writing an fml complaining about losing a couple of bucks when there are real fmls waiting to be published. relax. here is a dollar. go wash your skid marks.

just take those clean clothes!

Not necessarily switched. A likely scenario: the machines are in a row or 2, and he put the detergent and card in the drawer and reader on his left instead of the one on the right. OP: FYL about the wasted time. However, a couple dollars is not that big a deal.

wow... your life is average.

Football_5tar_JR 0

9 idk if you can have your own washer and dryer, it's probably like a one floor apartment. but YDI for trying to clean your clothes. Smelly is the new black.

Laxer21 0

no1 cares

YDI for being stupid

like oh my god, you paid a dollar and about 50 cents of detergent. what ever will you do?

smiles4life 1

so what? it costs like 3 bucks for a load of laundry, suck it up and try again.

iCommentFML 0

69 - Hey! 3$ is alot! i could of bought me a 2 dollar meal deal at taco bell! 

YevKassem 0

So what? get over're bound to have bigger problems in your life

Rawwrness 3

ydi for living in a place with the word condom in it

strange... I don't remember buying this shirt, or this one. why is there a bra in my load?

oh no ! oh no !! the world might explode !! all bc I made a tiny easily fixable mistake while doing my laundry !:O andddd I had to pay ... with my card and detergent !!! FOR SOMEBODY ELSE'S LAUNDRY !

hehe... " an hour to do a load" ......

hate_my_mom 0

@OP: good job, dumbass...

that sucks, pay attention maybe, you shoul know they aren't wet when you put them in

nevermind I need to learn to pay attention too

Hahaha...That sort of sucks...

ellielovesyuh 0

woww; that was ur own fault.. dumbass.

WingsFan80 4

u should look at the mirror right before you take the picture so you can see your eyes :)

haha ohwell I agree 18

seriously that's not too bad... I would have thought your clothes got stolen or something.