By beep_guacamole - 24/05/2009 21:49 - United States

Today, I went to the laundromat. I put a load in the dryer and walked away to check on my other load. When I came back, I saw a homeless man putting his dirty, wet underwear in the dryer with my clean clothes. FML
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kathyFTW 0

wet = piss?

Meh. Take them out and donate a dollar to getting him his own dryer.


bco12 0

hahaha thats f*cked up... still funny though!

u did him a favor, don't bitch about ut

Well, you were doing him a favor by at least drying his underwear...

kathyFTW 0

wet = piss?

fatfaceunited 0

haha the homeless man blew your load

pancakes_n_syrup 0

Hey I moderated this one! ha That's disgusting! Can you even imagine how dirty his clothes were..and we all know he can't pay to re wash your clothes. I think it's time to invest in your own washer/dryer

have some fucking sympathy clearly you have never been with out a home he didn't feel like he had another choice

Well... run it through the machine again, or burn your clothes. It's not the end of the world.

YDI, for not owning your own dryer.

MyMuffinsAreDead 0

not every can afford one

Yongi 0

be happy you did a good deed, btw who can say a homeless man put their underwear in MY LOAD, not many. I see a win here

what did you do, just let him? I would have walked up and been like WTF DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING YOU NASTY ASS MOTHERFUCKER?!