By Miserable - 11/11/2009 07:06 - United States

Today, I did laundry in my apartment complex's laundry room. I put my stuff in the dryer and returned to my room. The sign on the door says the laundry room closes at 10 pm, but that's rarely true. Tonight it was. I have to wait until 8 am. I work at 7:30. My work clothes are in there. FML
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1. You don't leave your laundry, people can take it. 2. It says that it closes at 10. 3. YDI

If it is a uniform, sometimes they only give you one.. op deserves it for assuming the laundry room would stay open, but he doesn't deserve all of the insults you're throwing at him....


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Sucks to be you. Maybe know when the laundry room closes next time. FYL, but YDI too. P.s. first

1. You don't leave your laundry, people can take it. 2. It says that it closes at 10. 3. YDI

those arent 3 reasons unless you're just saying YDI out of the blue

On one hand, YDI for not thinking ahead. You should have realized that just because the laundry room doesn't always close at the posted time doesn't mean it can't or won't close at that time. On the other hand, if you're always busy and late nights are the only time you have to do your laundry...well, it doesn't totally mitigate the YDI, but it's still a bit FYL-ish.

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Why do people write a FML when it's obvious it's their own fault? Don't think signs apply to you?

Always buy at least two sets of work cloths...

#5 - I was thinking the exact same thing. This thread needs Advice Dog badly.

you cant just BUY clothes for a perticular place. his WORK clothes were in there, maybe we works in a shop with perticular uniforms.

call in sick or call and say you will be running late. no biggie

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Depending on where he works, some jobs will fire you for coming in late, even if you call (example: my dads job )

How ridiculous for the laundry room to close overnight! I'd suggest starting a tenant petition to keep it open 24 hours.

And you're an idiot. Every apartment complex I've ever lived in had the exact same rules - 8am to 10pm. They lock it at night so people can't **** around or break shit while management isn't there. A few years before I moved into my current apartment some asshole flooded the laundry room in the middle of the night just for kicks. Rules are there for a reason.

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what, you don't condone changing a system that works to satisfy the occasional whims of a few?

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so… you have enough time to post an FML, but you arent going to talk to the manager about this situation?