By muffincakess - France
Today, I went to buy some spray paint for a project. I've never used a spray can before, so I decided to try it on paper provided. Unfortunately I didn't hold the can the right way and ended up with black, permanent, paint all over my face in the middle of a store. FML
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By  24788  |  6

wow. wtf. seriously. How hard is it to use a spray can. It's the easiest shit in the world.

GZ m9 though you've learned the secret to the best art in the world.

  White667  |  0

Yeah seriously? I mean every deodorant can in the world has some form of spray, even whipped cream uses a spray top. Why would you just assume it's the right direction?

  caticaticati  |  3

Have you ever gotten spray paint on yourself though?

I got green on my feet once and it didn't come off for weeks, no matter how many showers I took or how much I was at the beach in the water.

  Alkix  |  2

And while your at it, put a spike through your eye socket, because really, that's the same thing as accidentally spraying yourself with paint.

EDIT: ok this was supposed to be a reply to the acid comment.

  isitofficial_  |  0

fail mang/ read properly, OP said it was in the middle of the store. and even if it had instructions it would probably have only said that it was highly flammable! gosh you loser, get your facts right!


#30 if there was no instructions OP should've asked a store assistant or something. But I am pretty surprised at how someone can not manage to hold a spray can the right way, it's pretty simple. Unless OP has never used deodorant or perfumes/aftershave, I don't see how it can be that difficult. Just my opinion though.