By Anonymous - / Tuesday 9 June 2009 07:24 / South Africa
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3 hours sounds about right. I'm calling fake because unless you were pouring paint on the door, it's not going to drip (if you're using outside paint)

By  spoo

hmmm, if this was a chore you were asked to do your parents should have known better than to have their car in their. FYL, parents DI

Paint screw ups = sex? Adrenaline is adrenaline I guess. Would paint really drip onto their car? I would think you couldn't paint it on that heavily. And depending on your garage door, there are ways to make it stop. Or try anyway.

Today, my son dripped lime green paint on my black rolls royce, fml. he then tried to scrape the dried paint off with a coin. now my car is wrecked. double fml.

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