By Unfortunate Painter - 23/11/2012 02:56 - United States - Merced

Today, I found out the can of spray paint I got at Walmart yesterday has no spray nozzle, rendering it useless. I'm working on a project that needs to be done by the weekend, so I get to go wait in a huge line and risk being trampled to death tonight just to exchange one damn spray paint can. FML
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Just buy one from an art store with no Black Friday sale...then return the Walmart one tomorrow...


Just buy one from an art store with no Black Friday sale...then return the Walmart one tomorrow...

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Exactly I don't see this as an FML because u are choosing to go wait in that line when there are other option u can do.. Be smart

Thy obviously wouldn't be open at midnight, when he needed it.

Dude... Most spray paint cans don't come with a nozzle, you buy them separate

NereidAlbel 14

Yeah...No. EVERY can of spray paint comes with its own nozzle, at least in the US.

I'm preeeeetty sure his comment was a little thing called a joke?

Or u could take the nozzle of a different paint can and use it with the one that doesn't have one.. And just switch it between the two..As far as I know they are able to be taken off the can

You are the worlds biggest sucker if you have been buying the spray can and nozzle separately.

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21, I'm from Canada and I don't know where the he'll you get your info from...our spray paint cans come with nozzles...

21- have you even been to Canada before?

Actually... Nicer quality spray paints that are used for graffiti don't come with nozzles as you want different spray patterns and effects. However, I am willing to bet someone just took the nozzle off of OP's can because there wasn't one on his.

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You're clearly not thinking of the most efficient way to do this, OP.

Hey relax, how do you think the sales employees that are being forced to work on Black Friday feel? Just borrow some from a kind neighbor or something!

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You should just huff another household chemical today and exchange your defective inhaler, oops, paint can, on Saturday, as no one here believes you have an "art project" due the weekend after Thanksgiving. Nice try.

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I have a big ass report in my forensics class in Monday. Big projects happen on long Holliday weekends believe it or not.

In correspondence university courses they don't seem to care if its a holiday the last 3 holidays I've had assignments due

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#15, #22, it's OK if you need to use this as an excuse to smoke your weed, snort your coke, drink your hooch or whatever. It's all good . . .

I would go to a convenience store that has aerosol cans which you can remove the nozzle and put it on the paint can. What's a couple of dollars on cheap body spray or insect spray just to do your important work?

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Please let the color of the paint be black. It would be so delightful that Black Friday would have a unique meaning just for you.

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Just buy one at Sears or Home Depot.

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Oh yeah, like the Black Friday line and experience is going to be so much better there!