By Unfortunate Painter - United States - Merced
Today, I found out the can of spray paint I got at Walmart yesterday has no spray nozzle, rendering it useless. I'm working on a project that needs to be done by the weekend, so I get to go wait in a huge line and risk being trampled to death tonight just to exchange one damn spray paint can. FML
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  cameron194  |  9

Or u could take the nozzle of a different paint can and use it with the one that doesn't have one.. And just switch it between the two..As far as I know they are able to be taken off the can


Actually... Nicer quality spray paints that are used for graffiti don't come with nozzles as you want different spray patterns and effects. However, I am willing to bet someone just took the nozzle off of OP's can because there wasn't one on his.

By  perdix  |  29

You should just huff another household chemical today and exchange your defective inhaler, oops, paint can, on Saturday, as no one here believes you have an "art project" due the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Nice try.

By  Tidus0  |  17

I would go to a convenience store that has aerosol cans which you can remove the nozzle and put it on the paint can. What's a couple of dollars on cheap body spray or insect spray just to do your important work?