By usafprog - 27/07/2009 20:08 - United States

Today, while spray painting a rocking horse for my kids I left the can outside in the sun. When I picked it up it was hot to the touch and I dropped it. It exploded on impact and now I am more blue than the rocking horse. FML
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hahah you can be part of Blue Man Group now!

haha I'm blue dadadedadada


hahah you can be part of Blue Man Group now!

I guess you shouldn't have left it in the sun. YDI

if i was green i would die, if i was green i would die...

I'm sure that's not what the Blue Man Group is looking for.

...depending on the shade.

Itst actually "Im blue, dabadee-dabadye"

Well look at the bright side, you learned how to quick paint a rocking horse.

Nice comment #1 and YDI, spray cans specifically say not to leave them in places where they could heat up.

Yeah, I guess he blue himself.

You go Tobias Funke!

"Green is not a creative color." -Don't hug me I'm scared... YouTube

Sucks to be you.

it certainly does. Especially since there are warnings on spray paint cans. The ones that specify: Do Not Leave In Heat.

SMURF alert!!!

haha I'm blue dadadedadada

@3 *inglip face* Gasp, Genius!!!

can sumone say....."SMURF"

SMURFS! they're so cute :D

YDI for being an ostrich

That was the worst mockery of pointless YDI's yet v.v

at least blue is a pretty color...

you could just join the blue man group..?

HAHA that's really funny.

well, accident happens

Clearly, you're here.

Wow, Impressive insult. I'll bet you were up all night working on that doozy. Your parents must be so proud.