By usafprog - 27/07/2009 20:08 - United States

Today, while spray painting a rocking horse for my kids I left the can outside in the sun. When I picked it up it was hot to the touch and I dropped it. It exploded on impact and now I am more blue than the rocking horse. FML
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hahah you can be part of Blue Man Group now!

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hahah you can be part of Blue Man Group now!

I guess you shouldn't have left it in the sun. YDI

if i was green i would die, if i was green i would die...

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I'm sure that's not what the Blue Man Group is looking for.

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Itst actually "Im blue, dabadee-dabadye"

Well look at the bright side, you learned how to quick paint a rocking horse.

Nice comment #1 and YDI, spray cans specifically say not to leave them in places where they could heat up.

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"Green is not a creative color." -Don't hug me I'm scared... YouTube

it certainly does. Especially since there are warnings on spray paint cans. The ones that specify: Do Not Leave In Heat.

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That was the worst mockery of pointless YDI's yet v.v

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at least blue is a pretty color...

you could just join the blue man group..?

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Wow, Impressive insult. I'll bet you were up all night working on that doozy. Your parents must be so proud.