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Today, my boyfriend asked me if I wanted to go to the gym with him, and I responded that we could do another kind of workout upstairs. He quickly said he'd rather just go to the gym. FML
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Well I would rather have a full gym to workout with, apposed to that shitty bowflex you have upsta- wait... you... oh...

Show him your **** and he might reconsider.


Maybe it was a hint, OP, and what he tried to say was "You're fat". Or maybe he's just an aromantic person, only you can know for sure.

He probably just wasn't in the mood.

Or maybe op is fat, AND he wasn't in the mood. Hey, big girls need luvin' too.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I was kind of thinking she might of gained some pounds and he was hinting towards her losing some weight.

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I'd be happy to have you as a girlfriend, haha. I'd want a girl who asked if I wanted sex!

Typical Americans. Too lazy to walk up stairs. Even for intercourse.

Honestly all you women need to stop taking so much offense to everything, if you're unfit then take the hint from someone you love rather than a Randy on the street. If this has negative votes then it's a prime example of overreacting women.

Show him your **** and he might reconsider.

Aug1508 9

Some guys don't fall for that anymore. I have recently discovered that some guys like to kiss to get in the mood. I guess OP might have to try harder than just showing her boobs, she will need to lean for kisses.

blcksocks 19

At 22 : "some guys don't fall for that anymore" is just an excuse for small ****..

Maybe he didn't want to because he jerked off.

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62. I'm a 38 C. And you worrying about my breast size is a cover up for how much you don't get laid, so continue fantasizing about random girls on the Internet. Troll go get a life.

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107. I would love too. But I'm not that desperate to prove anything. I know what I got. ;)

It looks like one of the signs of the apocalypse when people start with the "**** or gtfo" attitude in places other than /b/.

107- do u have pics to back up your statement hehe ;) jks

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Pretty sure that other kind of "workout" burns my calories

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Lol the pic goes so well with the comment

The pic goes so well with the comment? Please tell me more about how you came to that conclusion.

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Only if you're doing it right. ;)

reallytho3 11

See this is why I hate commenting sometimes...

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38- just ignore his stupid ass. You just made a statement wich I agree with. BUT you will always have 12 yr olds like him thinking they are smartasses.

50- 46 was doing the actual meme to his avatar.

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I know what he was doing, I jus don't like tht I got thumbs down for an pointing out somethin

71-If getting thumbed up means that much to you, then this site probably isn't for you. There could be a number of reasons why you were thumbed down; people felt your comment was unnecessary, the lack of a period at the end of your sentence (for Grammar Nazi's), etc. But it isn't the end of the world. Just like you're entitled to your opinion, they're allowed to disagree with you or thumb you down-or both.

71- You got thumbed down 'cause we already knew his picture went with his comment, plus the fact that your comment was a horrible, overused cliche that we all wish would die in a fire.

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77- and why are you thumbed down, if you could explain?

Because telling people that their comment is stupid and overused is also stupid and overused.

Nice comment it actually made you seem pretty smart till i saw how you spelled "Shady" wrong thrn lost it

Well I would rather have a full gym to workout with, apposed to that shitty bowflex you have upsta- wait... you... oh...

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Maybe OP's boyfriend was completely oblivious to the point she was trying to Ok...I'm just trying to be optimistic

Perhaps he just wasn't in the mood. Guys aren't horny all of the time you know.

Anai08 17

*as opposed to Sorry, not trying to be mean! Just so you know 'apposed' is not a word.

jojimugo 20

Am sorry but most guys I know will choose sex any day of the week. Op should be worried

Anai08 - "apposed" is very much a word. It means "in close proximity".

Maybe he's a lot like myself and can't take a hint very well.

Yeah, my first thought was some sort of calesthenics in the bedroom and i thought "the gym's got better equipment, duh!"... It took me like 4 more seconds to think "oh sex, duh!" ... Yes, all my thoughts end in "...duh!"

At first I thought OP meant working out by using the stairs.

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Maybe he's just really strict about his gym schedule. And especially if he is weight training, he really needs to physically go to the gym to get real benefit.

This seems to be a re-occurring theme on this site. Men who have lost their sex drive when it comes to their girlfriends.

RedPillSucks 31

Or maybe it's just a flurry of FMLs about women who make assumptions about men being sex crazed when the truth is that men have a wide range of appetite for sex, and even the same man might feel differently about sex at different times.

Well, men getting turned down for sex is a normal thing. So it isn't exciting to post about

Or women cant keep up with mens sex drive...

Gota hit that bench; you won't understand.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Hit the bench then hit that ass. That's the best order.

OP when a guy wants to go gym he wants to go to the gym. Maybe you should go with him and then take a shower together? Win win situation

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Take a hint he asked you if you wanted to go to the gym. My advice is get your ass on a treadmill because if you can't entice him to come back to bed there is probably a problem with physical attraction.

Allysmo 6

Don't be an ass, guys really need to learn to be interested in a girl for some thing other than her looks >.

Or, how about people (male or female) stop being lazy ***** and maintain a normal weight?

Honesty, I feel bad for all you chicks that have boyfriends who choose to date you but when it comes to the sex part they're rude about it. They should either suck up the rudeness or leave you altogether because this is messed up. Why be with someone you're almost repulsed by? At least this one's a little more faithful than the boyfriends who think it's okay to cheat. These are such reoccurring FML themes.

Sex isn't everything... Maybe he isn't ready yet.

12-so, according to you... Turning down sex to your girlfriend makes you only 'a little more faithful' (your words not mine) then those people who cheat on their girlfriends? I, on the other hand, feel bad for anyone you date, because you have some very messed up notions when it's comes to relationships.

So, when a boyfriend declines sex it means he is repulsed? When a girlfriend declines sex it means she just isn't up for it and that is ok? Double standards people. Contrary to popular belief men are NOT controlled by sex, ill give you a second to take it in..... So yeah, no double standards = Good.

We don't know for sure that OP's boyfriend is "repulsed" by her. He was probably not in the mood