By Anonymous - 21/01/2010 02:18 - United States

Today, I forgot to take a certain medication that helps turn my lead logs into flaky floaters. So what happens? I'm in the restroom for 30 minutes, straining to go, and two girls walk in and start imitating me. FML
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30Degrees_Below0 tells us more.

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This is actually my post... I hadn't made a FML before this. But yeah, no matter what I do for my constipation, it's like nothing helps. I also have ovarian cysts which makes it very painful.

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lead logs. flaky floaters. that is all.

FYL but possibly the funniest worded FML ever. :D


FYL but possibly the funniest worded FML ever. :D

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dude that sucks and yea totally agree with #1

My protein intake is very high and I don't always get enough fiber in my diet so I know your pain. Do it like a boss or you'll never get any respect.

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lead logs. flaky floaters. that is all.

I shouldn't be laughing, but the way you worded this FML is just too funny. Don't worry your head off too much OP. Just a bunch of giggly girls who never matured mentally.

OP should carry around the book "Everybody Poops" just for occasions such as this one!

If your straining that much you are going to get some BIG Honkin' Hemroids. Somehow I think you already know that though.

ow. forget those girls. they're bitches.

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Good luck with that problem of yours... maybe try some anal to clear ya out?

What, did you have the door open or something? Or are you just a loud pooper-strainer? :P In any case, my sympathies!

As someone who has the opposite problem when they forget to take their medications, I empathize. FYL indeed. Though on the bright side you'll probably remember to take the meds next time :D

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I'm the same it sucks! Although my pain meds make me severely constipated :/ Just a note if someone has the opposite problem to OP I'd suggest being tested for Coeliac Disease just in case :)