By Anonymous - 29/05/2010 13:16 - Malaysia

Today, someone switched my hairspray with bug spray when I didn't notice. I used it. FML
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well the bugs wont go after you yaaaay!!!1

That isn't so bad...


Op maybe u looks just like a croach. ;)

just go wash your hair.

I agree with #7.

Once again..there needs to be a "stop complaining" voting button. Agreed^ just go wash your hair!

wait dont u look at the can first?

You should have noticed the smell difference right away.

agreed, just wash ur hair not a big deal..... bugs wont come close to u ?

Pandapoo go get some rest :P

 nvm I'm confused u meant roach end of story.

Raleigh I like your tattoo! what is it? lol

Stars with leopard print going around them (:

 Boo this sucks!!!!

Agreed with everyone else ydi and get over it.

thatss a pretty hot tatt Raaa

Thank you Vanessa, aka chick who has never seen The Office :3

well atleast ur hair won't have bugs and second fmls just keep getting wimpier and wimpier

don't keep bringing that up! goshh! ;P

I'm sorry but I just can't forget such things, gawshh! :] Hah, I guess I could stop giving you crap about it.

ydi beacouse you didn't read the bottle and just sprayed it ydi also for causeing globle warming

thankss<3 I appreciate itt(:

oh well, no bug bites for you.

This sounds like a fake

I've never seen the office either lol

Ooo my comment poofed :o Gahh, what's up with all you people who have never seen The Office?

LOL ydi for resembling a bug.

Now if a mosquito comes within a foot of your head they'll combust Win 

house is badass, not as badass as Jack bauer though.

and you didn't notice? OP your an idiot.

proof that women cant do anything right but make themselfs look like sluts and morons

the office is a great show

hahaha says the guy who failed miserably at attempting to get her number lmfao dude gtfou lol

hey I didn't know raid made hair spray!

that blows! but at least bugs won't bug you anymore

aasmg you comment alot but im not complainin where you live at?

yah your funny i like readin your comments but are you datin that one guy?

I love threadjacking . lmfao espically when there's hot guys that do it with you(:

ya raleigh thats the one i was talkin about you with him?

yahh them. but don't forget Jimmyy!<3

oh ok dam dude sorry no disrespect to your girl...lucky guy though

*walks into conversation*

Does OP have a beehive hairdo?

that fixes your lice problems?? well, sortaa

hmmm that's some interesting info right there, Raleigh :S

burn lmao and man work was interessting 2 energy drinks and no sleep = me being hyper full of energy shaky and eyes blurring a little but lmao and I for to help a blind man yes!!!! lmao

got** lol insomnia haha :D

romskiies--that commer made no sense. go to bed :)

#49 I love that album!! (:

Does anyone know what would actually happen to your hair?

^ Get a life. That is all.

damn aasmg, they're PMing you about that? fml stalkers 0_o

hope it made perfect sense when your sleep deprived ^ahaha an yea haters nee stfu and leave em alone it's their life they're adults they'll know what to do with their lives

can't hope I gotta shower n go out an drink and so it all over again, maybe another all nighter ahhaha dueces


7-Maybe OP straightens or curls their hair every day. I straighten mine every day, which takes about an hour. Plus the OP would have to dry their hair. Still, I think most people would notice the difference in the bottles and smell.

That isn't so bad...

at least you won't have Mosquitos and stuff come close to you (: just cover up the smell with real hair spray and body mist.. it's a win win (:

well the bugs wont go after you yaaaay!!!1 what's the big deal??

op, you must smell like shit from it

sounds like a prank. op, it's time for revenge!

how do you not check??

OP, well atleast u wont hav any bugs on yu

nothing big not a fuck my life but I'll just say so

Exactly my thoughts.

Concurring with the speaker above.