By Laura - 20/03/2012 22:27 - United Kingdom - Girvan

Today, I was at a concert and a man came up behind and started to grind me. I pushed him away. He came back and pissed on my leg. FML
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Aw, he was just trying to tell you that he had to go out. Haven't you ever had a dog before?

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23, you could probably get a job doing this that will make you more than a nickel each time.

You must produce a lot of semen if you can practically ejaculate ALL over a person's leg.

omgcookeys 15

You should make the face jennamarbles does!

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I love when that happens! You know, minus the whole guy part haha. Last summer at a Brand New/MGMT show I had this cute little Indian girl grinding all over my ass. Haha, she'd just giggle when I'd turn around. Usually I go to more metal shows so it's definitely a nice change having a cutie rubbing up on me than getting clocked in the face by some huge mother ******. But I can attest, there are some seriously grimy dudes at concerts. It's a very sad fact.. ******* make us all look like horned up freaks who feel the need to grab every boob and ass around. **** you, weird concert guys, **** you very much.

lilikawaii 6

And punched him in the face. That is disgusting! D:

I feel like a good swat to the nose with a newspaper and then sticking his nose in it would suffice.

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This is the one and only time kicking a guy in the nuts would be acceptable.

xaviiboo 9

34- Wrong place, wrong time. Not funny.

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Was he drunk? Because that would make the pee smell extra bad... Pissy alcohol... Mmmmm what a smell ...

So you smell your pee, than compare it to the other smells and repeat it at different occasions?

Actually when you pee while drunk it is mostly water. Therefore would probably not smell as bad as it would compared to the morning piss.

Should have pissed back on him to get even

That deserves to be punched in the happy sack. That's just downright rude and disgusting.

lilikawaii 6

That is very gross. I've always been just slightly jealous that us girls can't pee standing up or aim it. Even so, this wouldn't be one of those times. I'd be more focused on teaching that pervert a lesson. >:|

KiddNYC1O 20

Just pretend dude is a fire hydrant.

ElmoSmurf 3

well, in order to pee on him, she would have to also whip out her pussy, which is inviting him to an unwanted welcome

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When you gotta go, you gotta go.