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  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

I love when that happens! You know, minus the whole guy part haha. Last summer at a Brand New/MGMT show I had this cute little Indian girl grinding all over my ass. Haha, she'd just giggle when I'd turn around. Usually I go to more metal shows so it's definitely a nice change having a cutie rubbing up on me than getting clocked in the face by some huge mother fucker. But I can attest, there are some seriously grimy dudes at concerts. It's a very sad fact.. Fuckers make us all look like horned up freaks who feel the need to grab every boob and ass around. Fuck you, weird concert guys, fuck you very much.

  lilikawaii  |  6

That is very gross. I've always been just slightly jealous that us girls can't pee standing up or aim it. Even so, this wouldn't be one of those times. I'd be more focused on teaching that pervert a lesson. >:|