By lackadaisy_leah - 15/05/2013 16:12 - United States

Today, I posted a Facebook status about how I hoped to spend the rest of my life with my boyfriend. A couple of hours later, I saw a comment on it saying he'd never done anything bad enough to deserve that kind of torment. Thanks, mom. FML
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OP here. My mom is super awesome, and it was actually really funny. I just thought sharing it with FML would be fun. :) As far as the status, it wasn't an attention thing, I was just remarking on an elderly couple I saw walking the mall and wanted to post about it. The bit about my boyfriend was just an add-on.

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alliewillie 22

Troll mom strikes again.

you say immature, I say funny.


alliewillie 22

Troll mom strikes again.

thatsucks4you 7

Haha your mom is funny. Just got to learn to take a joke :)

rg350dx 29

How do you know #1's mom? Book club? Supermarket? BDSM dungeon?

rg350dx, your profile pic and comment...damn I'm gonna have nightmares...

I thought the same exact words. You are awesome!

aren't moms the best?

fishstick557 14

That's what you get for basically bragging about your relationship on Facebook

Hear hear. A statement like that should have been to told straight to the bf. They already have a method for publicly stating you want to stay together forever - it's called a wedding.


Your mom's awesome

mrperspire 4

That is a great joke by mom, People take jokes way too seriously these days.

Definitely. Moms know you best.

she was probably kidding, CALM DOWN

Whats it to ya?

rg350dx 29



perdix 29

#4 maybe she wasn't, PANIC!!!

mY cApS lOcK iS rEaLlY fUcKeD uP!


Oh come on, OP. I'm sure it was just a joke.

I swear our generation is overly sensitive

I honestly could see myself doing this to my daughter, but only if I really liked the thought of the marriage. If I had any reservations, they would be discussed in private, not on Facebook.

33, I couldn't agree more. Humor seems lost and very few people can take a joke, apparently.

PhishloverA 14

#74, if you read OP's comment she said her mom is super awesome and she found it funny what her mom said. So all of you people telling OP it's just a joke, no shit

Pstraka6 20

Your mom is just pulling your leg

klovemachine 24

I hope the boyfriend has a good sense of humor :-D

Who doesn't love a mom with a great sense of humor!?! High five to your mom for being awesome!

rt567 15

hopefully it was just humor.

Damn... Even your mom know its sucks to be with you

"a mothers love is always true"

Ummmmmm.... Apparently NOT