By Anonymous - 15/06/2011 13:37 - Denmark

Today, I was in my family's hotel room taking a dump. The lock to the bathroom was broken so we had made a deal: when the door is closed, someone is using the toilet. The maid didn't know that. She punched me in the face because she claimed I scared her. FML
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A7X_LoVeee 10

I guess you could scared the shit out of her!

futtbuck101 1

That's a shitty situ- *shot in the face*


A7X_LoVeee 10

I guess you could scared the shit out of her!

is that a lawsuit I smell or is it just your shit

futtbuck101 1

That's a shitty situ- *shot in the face*

Or showering...

kingtz 6

Or masturbating in the shower.


that reminds me of this Porno I saw once. except after she punched him they had kinky interracial bathroom sex

only one thing to do: FALCON PUUNCH!!!

Were you crapping with the lights off?

maid:"excuse me, i clean bathroom" OP:"No! im using it" maid:"no, no.. i clean bathroom" OP:"not right now i'm taking a shit!!" maid:"no, no... i come in now... WHAT THE FUCK??"

I would have maid her suck my balla

LOLbomb 1

If the lock to any door is broken then it's a shitty hotel.

hahaha .... a shitty hotel...

bobos_fml 0


No, I think it's safe to say she punched the shit out of him!

A7X-Loveee you should have said it like this- guess you could say you ..(puts sunglasses on) scarred the shit outta her... YYYEEEAAAHHH

or she scared the shit out of him

Argh, I hate when that happens. What a crappy day.

She was just afraid he went all-DSK on her

yeah that happens to me all the time

sarahxD1234 5

I promise you that has NEVER happened to me ...

daily occurrence?

wooow, sue her, she cant just punch u, or tell management ;D

Zeek63 0

it could have been worse if you were yanking your tank! if you know what I mean...

and somehow Laurence, with a name like that and how you said "the states" I knew you were not from the USA. hmmmmmmmm

26 from your comment I can tell your from the states... also before you check my profile... so am I.

I'm only from one state.

amuuurica, FUCK YEAHH.

All Americans resort to suing, what is it with you guys and suing?

allanaskye 0

No we don't. just the dumb assholes who can't make their own money so they have to take someone else's and give us good people a bad name.

1215116a 14

At 66, that's like me telling saying 'Why do all Irish people resort to drinking?'

I like how the guy who said that Americans are sue happy got thumbed down. Haha! We can't even laugh at ourselves! this is extremely pathetic. Suing is completely unnecessary 3/4 of the time.

I'm suing all of you.

88 - I'm suing you for suing all of them!

I will kill all of the lawyers in the world.

111. please and thank you

sup_bitch 0

what they need more lemon pledge and she thought you were stealing it

giggity giggity consuela giggity

IWarnedYou 0

no no, mr superman no here

did she hurt you??? if she did sue!

5 no because OP can't get hurt with a punch to the face. Nobody can. Obviously OP did get hurt because if OP didn't then there would be no point in writing this FML. Sorry to insult you but I guess teachers lied when they said there is no such thing as a stupid question.

are you dumb? people have died from a punch to the face (not from a maid.. but you get the picture)

God damn falcon punches, they're killing all of us!

I think being assaulted in a place of business by an employee is enough to sue the business. if you go to a hotel would you be alright if the cleaning crew punched you in the face?

well maybe she couldn't tell what gender so she thought you were an alien

A7X_LoVeee 10

Was that meant to be funny..?

not really but it's not a serious comment either soooo......

12 it's not serious? DANG IT! I took it to the heart...

obvious troll is obvious

47- lolol :) I like you... you are nice 56- no I'm not a troll but I just tried to avoid insults from people, because I saw it coming when he asked me if I was trying to be funny... I do apologize if you don't like me I'll try better next time to please you

wow I have always loved your comments and versatile name mr sassy pants, but now you are one of my favorites on here...

maz_irken 6

Him an Snickerdoodle are mine!

I guess I am taken by 77... by force... No please! Not there!

you should've busted a cap on her

muchagente 5

nice try, dominic.

Haha I was waiting for someone to say that

I hope u weren't in the middle of the shit/fell off the toilet.. then she woulda seen some nice smelly arse

jake3292 5

well tell the manager what happend and you might get a free night:)

With free service..