By Anonymous - Denmark
Today, I was in my family's hotel room taking a dump. The lock to the bathroom was broken so we had made a deal: when the door is closed, someone is using the toilet. The maid didn't know that. She punched me in the face because she claimed I scared her. FML
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  BShady96  |  0

maid:"excuse me, i clean bathroom"
OP:"No! im using it"
maid:"no, no.. i clean bathroom"
OP:"not right now i'm taking a shit!!"
maid:"no, no... i come in now... WHAT THE FUCK??"

  Janawa  |  22

A7X-Loveee you should have said it like this- guess you could say you ..(puts sunglasses on) scarred the shit outta her... YYYEEEAAAHHH

  1215116a  |  14

At 66, that's like me telling saying 'Why do all Irish people resort to drinking?'

  Epilepsy_fml  |  0

I like how the guy who said that Americans are sue happy got thumbed down. Haha! We can't even laugh at ourselves! this is extremely pathetic. Suing is completely unnecessary 3/4 of the time.

  MrSassypants  |  32

5 no because OP can't get hurt with a punch to the face. Nobody can.

Obviously OP did get hurt because if OP didn't then there would be no point in writing this FML. Sorry to insult you but I guess teachers lied when they said there is no such thing as a stupid question.

  browntiga  |  0

I think being assaulted in a place of business by an employee is enough to sue the business. if you go to a hotel would you be alright if the cleaning crew punched you in the face?

  luvppl  |  6

47- lolol :) I like you... you are nice

56- no I'm not a troll but I just tried to avoid insults from people, because I saw it coming when he asked me if I was trying to be funny... I do apologize if you don't like me I'll try better next time to please you