By James64138 - 15/06/2011 10:13 - United States

Today, my boyfriend sent me a video of him having sex with someone from one of his last relationships because he thought it would turn me on. FML
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James64138 tells us more.

OP here, and you're right. He was a complete idiot. I ended up dumping him a week later and I have a much smarter boyfriend now!

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Go fuck a guy, send him a video of it, and say "Aw, I thought it would turn you on..."

cynthiaF 0

Are you sure it was from a "past relationship"? :| Just saying...



iAmScrubs 19

That sounds pretty spicy. Next time I bet he is thinking of a live performance with opera singing and everything.

fireworks :D

Yes, thats why she wrote the FML

Grammar_Nazi101 0

it turned me on.

iAmScrubs 19

With a grand finale of Chuck Norris jumping through the wall and throwing the cameraman to the ground.

I could fap to that

how could it possibly turn her on to watch her man fucking another woman? It should be more of a turnoff than anything else.

I sing opera, and my boyfriend tells me "opera porn" would be popular all the time. Just found the coincidence hilarious. OP, I would hope that no one would be that dense. Perhaps he meant to send it to someone else, though I suppose that doesn't help. Sorry. :(

ConnerCyanide 0

lol live performance ive been there done that lol while me being a freshman in high school i had sex with a senior with her sister ,my bestfriend , and another girl watching from 2feet away!!! and the senior ad me are both in madrigals together so basically ur comment ive done lol

162 - Yeah I'm sure that happened.

Notyours007 9

It was a guy who posted this about his ex-boyfriend.

parkwaydrive7 9

OP is a male

Go fuck a guy, send him a video of it, and say "Aw, I thought it would turn you on..."

I bet it would actually turn him on.

that would be cheating then numbnuts

xcalabrese3x 6

unless she says it was her ex..

JokinglySerious 0

that's the point

Hello_kitty_love_fml 0

Hope she dumped that guy's ass.

he didn't cheat he used a past relationship as a porno it was stupid but for her to cheat as retaliation to his stupidity would b her doing wrong

groovycrazyjoe 18

it's not a she it's a he; he is gay

OP is actually a guy.

livelaughcheer_2 2

it would turn me on. I want someone

shortie916 0

I don't think it would? It's not her

Desperate much?

it turned me on

textwork 4

if she put it on fml how does that mean it worked?

XDsmileyDX_fml 24

154, OP is a guy.

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Trying? You call this trying? In that case I rather prefer someone who doesn't try at all. New theory: I think he didn't want to turn OP on, I think he wants to end the relationship. But he's too chicken to do it himself, so he gave OP a very good reason to dump him. Just a thought. Otherwise he's retarded.

Well at least he had his girlfriend's interests in mind then. Pathetically or not, he was trying to turn her on. And I think he's just retarded, doesn't sound smart enough to go through all that so she'll dump him.

imnotcraZ 0

okay let me sum this up: he's either trying, covering up a cheating scam, or is trying to end the relationship in all three situations, this guy is an idiot for doing it with an old tape either way...I'd go with dumping the idiot or the jerk

I'm thinking he's insecure and manipulative. He sent her that video to make her jealous. Or, he's just retarded. FYL.

Sounds to me that he could just be full of himself, to the point that just him having sex in general should be a turn on...

enormouselephant 15

Retarded is such a dehumanizing term...

And did it turn you on?

cynthiaF 0

Are you sure it was from a "past relationship"? :| Just saying...

That's what I was thinking

RainbowHeadache 2

He shouldn't even still have those kind of videos. What a douche he is.

Why get rid of them?

imcutefml 0

why not?^

Gloritank 8


I agree. I'd be so pissed if my boyfriend did that.

why? op dont worry not all guys are retards.