By Anonymous - 28/02/2015 09:04 - Australia

Today, I went through the nightmare of having to go to my doctor so he could remove a living spider from my nasal cavity. FML
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Hop on the nope train to fuckthatshitville.


flashback.miss 28

What type of spider was it???

Seeing that they live in Australia, probably a pretty big one.

Probably the "scratch and sniff" kind, if that makes any scents to you.

Pancakes017 19

The spider was living in a web of lies and false security

oh no, I hope you're okay now! =) I hate spiders so I would have been freaked out

Hop on the nope train to fuckthatshitville.

Why, did you get a living spider stuck in your nose too?

#25 Probably crawled in while he OP was asleep. They already crawl into your mouth and the average person ends up sleep eating like 3 per year or something.....that's why I bush in the morning!

Actually #44, scientists debunked that myth. They said while sleeping we breathe so deeply that it would startle spiders away from our face, not towards it. :)

#5 **** the train, just give me a gun so I can shoot myself and make it quick

More like a plane out of Australia :)

nesteremily 31

Hopefully it didn't bite you, but either way FYL.

I'm trying to thing why you didn't blow your nose as hard as you could once it went up there .

Sometimes no matter how much you blow, it just won't come out...

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"Hey, how was your day today?" "Well..."

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But hopefully the spider doesn't.