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Today, a few of my friends arranged for us to go skinny-dipping with the guy I really like. It went really well, until a turd surfaced before our eyes. After we scrambled out of the pool in panic, my crush called us all freaks and left. FML
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I wouldn't discard the possibility of him being the culprit and saying that to divert suspicions.

I've heard of being **** blocked, but never caca blocked.


Man, what a shitty situation.

That's true, 27, but you gotta admit though that 2 had it coming as well for making that statement.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Hah.. Spectrum.. Rectum.. Haha..

It's cuz he's so full of shit! Ahh? Get it? No? Crap:(

I wouldn't discard the possibility of him being the culprit and saying that to divert suspicions.

It the same thing as the guy who farts and says, something stinks to get the attention away from him.

Exactly! Naked OP was so hot, he shat himself, blamed them out if embarrassment, and left.

I'm just wondering, who the HELL is going swimming in New York right now??? I'm in upstate New York, and it was about 40 degrees today.

Maybe it's an indoor, heated pool at someone's house? Still, you can tell it's in NYC? My phone just says 'United States'..

He literally dropped the kids off at the pool.

Well literally as in he was at a pool. But it didn't involve children. I was going to add that to my comment, but I thought it was self explanatory. Guess not

Ah like "he who smelt it, dealt it" except now it's "he who awkwardly leaves, shat in the pool full of naked people"? XD

I've heard of being **** blocked, but never caca blocked.

This may be my favorite comment I've ever seen on this site.

You must be new here. Allow me to introduce you to the good doctor.

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I bet it was your crush who took a dump.

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That guy probably took a shit.

Maybe it was just a Baby Ruth? Wow! He scares that quickly when he's surrounded by naked girls?

#9 can you please clarify your position in the event that there is a turd and naked girls, by the way, turds are normally released with a bit of pee - would you still be in the zone?

"Don't let me get in my zone Don't let me get in my zone" (Got me singing Jay-Z) (: Yeah, naked girls must have scared the shit out of him. :P and just so you know, I don't get grossed out easily. They didn't touch the shit, there's chlorine in the pool (it won't be the first time someone peed in it) and most pools have showers right next to it or at least a hose.

hahahahhahahahahahhahahahah, anyway id be grossed out and pissed but not enough to leave, it wouldnt stop me either, id move the party else where

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It could have been a baby ruth or not.

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Maybe he's calling you guys freaks because you don't shit in pools.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Where else am I going to shit!? I've left so many logs in my neighbors pool.. Sometimes when I'm feeling frisky I'll even do it in their hot tub! Ah.. The joy of taking a dump in someone else's pool is sooo much better than taking a dump in the bowl..