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Today, I admitted to my girlfriend that I had cheated on her. She didn't tell or get mad, oh no. She looked at me for a few seconds then burst out laughing and called me a liar. FML
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At least she didnt dump your cheating ass. Be thankful.

You can say life gave you another chance.


At least she didnt dump your cheating ass. Be thankful.

You can say life gave you another chance.

Yeah her real reaction might be brewing.....

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You're lucky as hell and I wish she had reacted differently. If you've ever been cheated on you know how horrible it is. I don't understand how people can do that.

#26, I love your comment so much. Couldn't have said it better myself. Wish more people were like you (like OP for instance).

nesteremily 31

That's what I always say too. And I know they're selfish people I meant I could never cheat so I don't understand how they do that as if would kill me to hurt someone like that.

I never understand how anyone could cheat on someone. Have you ever had your heart broken before? Do you remember how much that hurts? Why would you intentially do that to someone you claim to have, or did love. Disgusting.

People cheat because they're most likely unhappy with their current relationship, and they don't know how to communicate with their significant other. I think people like that shouldn't be in relationships if they resort to cheating instead of communicating.

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I don't really see based on what we've been told how the girlfiend, being the victim is equally to blame. It might purely be the case she refuses to believe it out of denial because of the betrayal of trust. There is no way the OP and his girlfriend are the same in terms of blame. Cheating is never warranted.

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13 - She could be laughing because she has so much faith in him that she thought he was joking. I know if I told my bf I was cheating, he wouldn't believe me because it's just not in my character. It could be she thought she was a good catch, and why can't she believe that? Imagine you are the most selfless, loyal person to your partner and you've been so good to them and have given the relationship your all, would it not be shocking or unbelievable that your partner would jeopardize a loving relationship for a night of sex? You are applying blame to her based on assumptions when the bf has given concrete evidence that he is the one who is guilty of something. And the way the FML is written, he is more upset that she laughed at him than he is ashamed of cheating. Hmmm..

If you are so insecure that you see this and assume for absolutely no reason that she was laughing because she "thinks she's so perfect and wonderful" then YDI for all the future people who break up with you for being a needy, insecure baby. The fact that your ego is so fragile that being laughed at is virtually as terrible as being cheated on is just sad.

22 - Bit strong don't you think? 13 is merely saying how laughing in disbelief, we can only assume she's been the best she can be and feels she doesn't deserve it, pretty fair comment if you ask me. It has nothing to do with ego or being insecure - Having a baseline self respect doesn't relate to ego. Regardless, It still doesn't mean cheating in the first place is okay. There's no YDI in it.

Okay, now I'm curious. What was in comment #5?