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  mds9986  |  24

Sounds more like bad planning on OPs part, unless they hit traffic and that's why it took so long to get there, but that would have been said.

By  ihartmytdi  |  23

My advice might come across as bizarre but you should learn to appreciate the process of things.

For example, I love driving - I would consider it part of the vacation.

Just learn to ignore the stress of others (ie traffic) and enjoy being unchained.

  Pstraka6  |  20

A lot of truth to this. I drive from Jackson, Mississippi to Chicago, Illinois a few times due to school and I always find something to look forward going and coming back from there

  lulinator  |  40

Agreed! I went to the Maritimes in eastern Canada a long time ago, and the group I was with wanted to do some sight seeing. Being Canada, you drive for a lot longer than the actual touristy things you do. But that drive was way more memorable than what we saw! Good times.