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Today, I went skiing with a girl I like. On the lift I asked her out. She said no. Halfway up the lift stopped. We were stuck up there for nearly an hour. FML
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I'm sorry, that's such an awkward situation! I would've looked down and said "I wonder if a fall from this height would kill me"

Pwnzersome 7

That must of been one awkward hour.. Sorry OP.


Pwnzersome 7

That must of been one awkward hour.. Sorry OP.

ViRepz 28

I hope OP took advantage of that time to at least become better friends and sus out why she said no to him. Constructive criticism is always a good thing.

Yeah. That's why you don't ask people out in small spaces that you'll have to be in for a longer amount of time. It would have been awkward even if the lift wasn't stuck.

The worst though is if your roommate is of the opposite sex and you ask them out. Very rarely does it work. My friend actually tried for a girl that he really likes who is also his roommate. He basically spilled his heart out to her, only to have her shoot him down and profess that she's actually a lot more interested in this guy that he absolutely hates (because the guy is a douchebag). Now he has to deal with the awkwardness of being around her, seeing the guy he hates, and hearing them break the bed at 2am....

Would he rather they "broke the bed" at an earlier, more convenient time?

Somuchart 3

I bet the rest of the trip was awkward, hard to have fun when the other person doesn't feel the same. If you're friends with her, you'll probably have another go. Take it slower and it may just fall in place

I would think the girl should feel more awkward. She just broke his heart so now deal with it. Don't worry OP she just got an hour to see how cool you are and see its her loss.

you forgot could of should of and would of, 1

incoherentrmblr 21

Well, that escalated abruptly...

I'm sorry, that's such an awkward situation! I would've looked down and said "I wonder if a fall from this height would kill me"

Haha I would be asking the same question. While I feel bad for the OP (and anyone else stuck on that lift), maybe the best time to ask isn't in the first 75% of the lift. Maybe ask right before you're getting off or better yet after you get off. That way, even if the lift doesn't stop, your not stuck in close proximity for the whole ride up.

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Really? Awkies? I'm going to bang my head on the wall

why ruin your brain cells? bang their head into the wall, you relive stress and they've already proven they're all out of them

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Wow. That conversation went downhill fast.

yeah OP's excitement about her came to an abrupt halt

ViRepz 28

at least op didn't go all the way down on one knee

he got the cold shoulder. someone should lift his spirits.

ThomasBombadil 31

She might change her mind. You never know.

ashalayx 13

we dont change our minds easily, were pretty stubborn

Rainhawk94 27

There was this girl in high school who I asked out and spilled my heart out. She said no. And for a while i tried impressing her, to make her change her mind. She ended up yelling at me for trying to make her like me and never spoke to me again.

red225 14

At first glance I thought your highschool story would've ended with you two getting together...that's a weird plot twist

I like the plot twist. The sooner guys realize that girls don't simply exist as romantic interests and start accepting that no almost always means no, the easier all our lives and interactions will be.

Today, I went skiing with a group of friends. While going up on the ski life with one of my guy friends, he asked me out on a date. As I was about to say no, the ski lift broke. We were only halfway up. Lets just say the next hour was strangely awkward. FML

I agree. And the sooner women realize that life isn't a RomCom with a happy ending the better off we'll be.

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5, You sound like one of those creeps who doesn't leave a girl alone. Learn to accept a "no" before they get a restraining order.

zahra_786 19

That's when you save the day and make her realise how much of a hero you are, so she falls in love with you. Just kidding, it must have been so awkward.

I like zoo biscuits. they're currently my favorite

Did you at least use that time to build common ground and maybe ask her out again in the future?

...or learn to appreciate her as a friend...?

GOD to OP: Sorry, dude. Jesus felt asleep on the "random awkward moment" button.

More like the lift attendant got baked and fell asleep on the emergency stop button, but nice try, I guess.