By leah - 6/2/2021 00:00 - United States - Denver

Sudarsky's gas giant classification

Today, despite not eating for a week, my digestive system is still overflowing with gas and I fart every 2 minutes. No medicines help, and the six doctors I’ve been to have not been able to find anything wrong with me. FML
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By  RichardPencil  |  30

Join a fraternity. You could constantly be saying "Safety," "Did somebody step on a duck," or "Pull my finger" to be the most hilarious member in the house.

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.

By  Beaverfever  |  4

I cannot do the snowflake

  Beaverfever  |  4

that's a kick in the gut

By  kimdaa  |  11

All of that air/gas is BECAUSE you're not eating. Every breath that you take introduces a small amount of air (or talking, chewing, swallowing, eating, etc) into your GI tract. Stomach acids break-down the contents of your belly and produce air/gas as byproduct. That byproduct is released as a burp/gas.

Your belly is empty; there's nothing for the stomach acids to break down except for the air that you've been ingesting by being alive (breathing, talking, drinking). All that ingested air is working it's way through your GI tract.

It's like putting a balloon on the end of a shaken soda pop bottle...the balloon will inflate with a lot of air. But if there was something else INSIDE the balloon (in addition to the air) there would be less space available for air/gas.

If your stomach was digesting food, there would be LESS SPACE available for air/gas (stomachs don't expand too much without significant and prolonged overeating)...and less burping/farting.


  Beaverfever  |  4

who the fuck wants to eat a balloon that's been on a soda bottle? Not me.