By Confused - 27/02/2012 04:58 - United States

Today, while skiing, the creepy guy controlling the chair lift said I was pretty. I was so caught off guard that I fell off. FML
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Are you still pretty?

guess he swept you off your feet.


Are you still pretty?

indielove 13

Sounds like a story to tell your kids 10 years from now. ;)

Her kids with the ski lift operator. We can start a show called "How I met your father"

1- not anymore she's not Not anymore.....

That's a damn shame. I guess we'll call the show... "how I never had kids"

Maybe the fall caused her to smash her face in just the right way to give herself better bone structure?

Haha that would be some painful cheap reconstructive surgery. "Where'd you get your face done?" OP hands the card to her friend *card reads "chair lift"* he's really good.

I feel pretty oh so pretty......

30 DAMN that reminded me of nicki minaj and the grammys, such a messed up concert that was...

Only ugly people would thumb down this comment. Or you may be slighty incapable of being able to understand simple minded jokes. Idiocy is intolerable. I won't stand for this... I too will pile drive my face into a patch of snow.

Shafreeka 8


Me?... Why.... Yes I am! I AM sexy aren't I? Ha! Yes. *sigh*

19 reminds me of the Spongebob episode

GoW_Chick 14

I think spongebob should face mr. clean magic eraser in a duel so he can finally be wiped clean away from existence.

Agreed. That giddy laugh pisses me off.

Hey blackcloud this isnt a fucking chatroom

someone talking smack about Spongebob. oh HELL NO

skyeyez9 24

So that's how OP got those lovely high cheek bones.

65... You mad bro?

Pretty hurt....or scared...which ever one you prefer.

Even prettier - free nose job. :)

No she not pretty just wanted someone to think she is. That why all the girls "creepy old man" they really want to have him but don't want anyone else to k ow

dorworters 9

shes not used to compliments, i take it. so i would assume, no

That's just cold.

I found it pretty hot. *Anti-joke chicken*

OP: If he went and helped you up, that would've been PRETTY awkward!

Eh, frost bite got your tongue?

guess he swept you off your feet.

She technically wasn't on her feet in the first place. So it's more like swept her off her ass.

Gee, I sure wish he would just come over and sweep me off my ass. It would be sooo romantic. *sigh*

DontClickOnMe 28

Well at least you got a compliment.

Woah, learn to take a compliment !

cjcstuart 7

Your damn gorgeous. Take the compliment:)

Calm your tits and deep throat a cactus #26....

GoW_Chick 14

She did take the compliment, crashing all the way to the ground. Sounds like one of those romantic comedies clutz moment too me.

I will use this as a pick up line. GoW I will be your ski lift operator if you be my... Face plant girl? Haha *sigh*

Okay then. Learn to take a compliment without throwing yourself off a ski lift!

Holy shit, how far did you fall exactly?

sean0120 3

That's what I wanna know o_O

That average hight of a ski lift is about 25 feet! She should have Broke something lol.

This is most likely to take place at the bottom. She got distracted by him and probably sat on it wrong or it pushed her down. Would be funny to witness.

More like she fell off her feet. Still, how ever so romantic.

Africa called, the millions of dying people said "That sucks".

blink182AAR 6


No, it bites. Frost bites!

still a better love "moment" than twilight