By bitchyskier / Saturday 26 February 2011 21:36 / United States
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  mmmPoptarts  |  6

OP is a gaper. He should learn to ski before he criticizes others.

He could always snowboard, but he might step on his board and assume the girl next to him did it and cuss him out

  Bobissmall  |  13

All OP needs to learn is that there's no reason to shout... if he had calmly turned around and said "excuse me i think you keep stepping on my skis" Then it would have been much less embarrassing to then realise it wasn't them...

  mmmPoptarts  |  6

Thanks for getting mad about a minor grammatical error, "krazy_glu3." Obviously that one mistake made my entire post invalid, and causes your post to be relevant to the FML in any way at all.

(If you are confused after reading the second sentence of this post, then go find the word "sarcasm" in a dictionary, if you own one).

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