By notsoclean - 24/12/2010 21:14 - United States

Today, I was at the dentist's, getting my teeth cleaned. He thought it would be funny to suddenly go on in detail about the fantastic sex he and his wife had the night before. I was unable to speak the entire time. The dentist is my grandpa. FML
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You KNOW he did that on purpose. I'm going to do that to my grandchildren, God willing.

Wow, that must have been traumatizing :|


ew thats just nasty. your grandpa must be a pedo or something :/

He's not a pedo. That's his idea of male bonding. Let's just hope he washed his hands.

How the hell do you work that out? OP could be like 20 or something.

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Yea. The definition of a pedophile has changed. It now refers to an elderly gentleman who leisurely relates his hook-ups with dear old grandma to his distraught young grandson. Doesn't anybody watch the ******' news?

If he was a paedo, why would he be enthuastically describing the fantastic sex with his wife, rather than the great time he had with the boys at choir practise? Duh.

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How does that make him a pedo you ignorant ****?

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Wow, that must have been traumatizing :|

Traumatizing for the grandpa: Today, I'm blind, and had to not only putting up with my grandson's moans, but actually had to inform him of the disgusting smell of sex and sweat. It is hard to breathe in this house.. FML.

Times like this I wish I could delete my own comments:(

It's okay Ella, we all make mistakes now and then ;)

blind grandpa who is a dentist /sarcasm

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it's even sadder when he says it with his hands in ur mouth!! who knows where those hands've been!

I think we know where his hands have been.

I think we know where his hands have been.

You KNOW he did that on purpose. I'm going to do that to my grandchildren, God willing.

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I take it your grandpa likes to watch people try to swallow vomit with a mouth full of dentist's equipment?

I'd be more concerned about the equipment he's using. You never know where they were last night or if they were even cleaned. They might have been in your grandma's "second" mouth, if you know what I mean.

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sweeet..... gettin drilled while talking bout drilling your grandmother. awesome props to the old man

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At least your mouth will be clean when you kiss Granny on the lips. Either ones.

My parents loved doing that to us so we started doing it back when we got older. That is when we started the term "keep your personal shit personal!!"