By wilsmith - 01/02/2010 12:36 - China

Today, while in the elevator with the girl from my office that I've been crushing on, but never spoken to, I said "aren't elevators awkward?" After a long silence, she got off three floors before our office. FML
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Guess she just wasn't on your level eh?

What a rude ****. I would've totally made out with you.


cowgod 0

The guy that had his balls punched in the elevator has more skill than you.

OP is a stincky chinese chink with bad breath... that's the only reason that woman was so desperate to get off... lololilolil.. **** you chinks

cowgod 0

I forgot to say this. FIRST madafuckas!!

rofl at #1/ 8th comment I was thinking that!

Nice racism igetinyourpants. Plus methinks that the only way you'd get into someone's pants is from roofies or chloroform. Hell I'd venture a guess you probably couldn't even get into your own pants.

Nice ignorance #40, considering igetinyourpants never mentioned anything about race. I think you just mean prejudice. You're still an idiot though.

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cowgod you want a cookie? I have oatmeal or chocolate chip which one?

Skullcrusher 5

Is that all you could think of? You're a dumb ass! Loser!

in the biz that's what we call an"OH SNAP". your rebuttal?

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Cowgod, aren't you good for getting first! Want a medal?

If you give him one, then everyone who has ever been first deserves one. I don't think you could get even Bill Gates to pay for that many gold medals. But I still want one.

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he was bein sarcastic dumbass

The words in his picture agree with his post.

You might as well stay on the elevator until the top and jump off, because your life is finished.

so jr. high. go take your proactive zit medication and ********** to victorias secret before your algebra test.

Good idea - then you won't get zits on your junk!

Flutist 3

Those ain't zits. Just to let you know. No matter how much proactive you take, that still nasty.

you should wait outside her car after work so you can apologize

Isn't it awkward?? Of all the posts,not one has said anything abt the OP's situation.. no one even on FML wants to listen to him..FYL indeed..

What a rude ****. I would've totally made out with you.

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Comments like this, are far more awkward.

It's called hyperbole. While I wouldn't have been rude to the OP, I wouldn't have actually made out with him. Get a sense of humor.

pepetto 0

Guess she just wasn't on your level eh?

Link5794 18

Like Yoda, you are talking.

or if you can pick her lock, fill her room with dozens of red roses. then cut all the eyes out of the pictures in the house and replace your head with every one of her family members. chicks love romantic things!

Malinkrot 3

great, now your gonna give some creeper this idea and later he will be complaining about how "all women are ungrateful bitches" because he got a restraining order put on him

because when creepers run out of ideas, they read

Flutist 3

Omg that's so romantic. I wish my boyfriend would do more than leave dead animals on my doorstep and call me in the middle of the night. *sigh*