By Aaron - United States - Matthews
Today, I decided to talk to a girl at the gym I had seen there a lot. I walked up to her at the station she was at and asked her out to dinner sometime. I didn't realize she had been wearing headphones. She took them off and asked if I was waiting on the station. My courage left. I said yes. FML
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  Acik91  |  26

That's right, some funny story to tell during the first date - I don't want to generalize, but that would really make me smile, especially if a man was self-confident enough to admit such a situation happened. And if OP builds up his courage to actually ask her the second time, they he probably is.

By  JAMSM  |  6

C'mon, bro. JUST DO IT. NIKÉ. You at the gym? Working in your muscles? Let the strongest muscle in your body. Stronger than your brain. With the power of all your hormones. Let that muscle take over just enough to fucking ask her out.

  mystashisgone  |  6

The worst yes, is her saying no, but what that could imply could be terrible. From then on she will make an effort to not be in the same area as him. Even more so she will tell her friends about what a creep you are and those that you didn't even know at the gym will avoid you. After that someone may even complain to management that you make them feel uncomfortable and ask that you leave the gym. Yea the worst that could happen... A no, finding a new gym, and a possible restraining order. Girls are so easy aren't they :-)

  Acik91  |  26

Oh, come on. She won't do anything like that if OP doesn't stalk her, that's a huge leap of imagination here. Actually, even if she says no, it may still not be such a bad thing - she'll at least know OP exists, she may start saying hello and smiling. If she does, that's not such a lost case, some girls just won't go out with a stranger, but that doesn't mean you can't try to get her to know you.

By  kobelstone23  |  13

You can do it. The worst she can say is no. Aaaaand did you know girls are more sexually aroused when their heart rate is elevated because it activates a sub conscience trigger? So even if she just running your chances are a little, so Hakuna matada, bro, Hakuna matada.