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  Sun_Kissed18  |  25

The only way I can see it is that if she thought he was so far out of her league that the notion of them dating was utterly comical and downright impossible. Sorry OP, we girls are bitches :(

  MrCatman1125  |  2

I hate when people do that. A simple no would suffice. It's not really that funny anyway. It's more of a compliment. Just say " Sorry, I like someone else at the time" or something like that. She thinks she's cool by making an ass if herself and insulting you, then your better off alone. Still try to find someone though, just not a complete bitch.

  iMuffinKat  |  16

How could it be that funny? Was she just fake laughing? Or was sue actually that much of a douche to laugh so hard at a guy asking her put she got an asthma attack?

  patticake1601  |  0

its not hard to do. I have severe chronic bronchial asthma and if I laugh too much I have an asthma attack very easily, especially if I my bronchitis is bad or if its cold or humid out. It all depends on how severe your asthma is.