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Today, I went out to my car to run some errands. It wouldn't start. I called AAA, only to find out my battery wasn't dead, it was stolen. FML
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I didn't know there were people who'd steal those.

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How do you figure? The car wouldn't start because of the assumption that the battery was dead, when in fact it had been stolen. Had the battery not been stolen the car would have started right up


I didn't know there were people who'd steal those.

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Oh yeah there is you can 10 bucks at the metal yarf

either way you need a new battery, what's the problem?

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How do you figure? The car wouldn't start because of the assumption that the battery was dead, when in fact it had been stolen. Had the battery not been stolen the car would have started right up

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You couldn't even pop the hood yourself? Lazy ass

If she doesn't know anything about cars, what would popping the hood do for her? She wouldn't know what to look for to tell if something's wrong. Not everyone can be a car expert, douchebag.

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hahaha I hate to tell you but if popping a hood and noticing a huge chunk of material is missing from your car counts as being a "car expert" to you or anyone, than you shouldn't even be driving.

The whole point is, why would she pop the hood? 99% of the times your car won't start aren't because your battery is straight up GONE. Therefore, assuming that your battery just ran out of juice, what would popping the hood accomplish, especially if you're not experienced in diagnosing car problems? NOTHING, Einstein. Should she have popped the hood only to make sure her battery is still there? Who the hell does that?

And what does that have to do with anything? Mr. Troll?

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That's the point, she wasn't even looking for a solution. You should at least check to see for any obvious things. But no, just call the service to do everything for you. Hopefully she still had to pay for the call.

I think it's better that someone who probably knows nothing about cars NOT look for a solution. She could have easily messed something up if she didn't know what she was doing. There's nothing wrong with calling for service when you need it. That's why you pay membership dues and whatnot. I mean, if my car breaks down, I'm gonna let an expert handle it, because I know that I wouldn't be able (or want to, for that matter!) fix it myself.

@pickwick: most cars nowadays have battery covers, so if she popped the hood, the cover would still be there, and she would think that it was still there. to add to it, bananie was right, she probably wasnt a mechanic... so she would not have known what to do, and therefore considered it a waste of time to attempt. better to wait for assistance

It doesn't take a car expert to find a battery. -_-

That's something you're just supposed to know if you have a license...

i agree with pickwick. anybody that is operating a motor vehicle should at least be able to tell on their own if the battery was missing. although, whether it is missing or dead, you are still going to need a tow, or at least a jump. personally, i would have bump started my car (of course not everyone drives a stick), or if i was in an auto, tried to get a jump from someone (very helpful to carry jumper cables at all times in an auto). then i would have driven to the nearest auto parts store, bought a battery, and installed it in the parking lot. but i realize not everyone would want to or know how to do this (although it is not hard at all). so i clicked both FYL for having your batter stolen and YDI for not being able to find out on your own the difference between dead and stolen.

Ok, y'all I realize that it's very easy to tell that your battery is missing, and by no means do you have to be an expert to be able to do that. HOWEVER, my point was that since if her battery *were* intact, she still wouldn't know what to do, so why would she even bother checking it out, knowing that she doesn't know how to fix it? If I got in my car and it wouldn't start, the first thought in my mind isn't going to be "Hmm, I wonder if my battery is still there? It might be gone. Let me check."

How is her car messed up? Maybe she just forgot to lock her doors. It doesn't take a genius to open the door and pull the hood release. And after that all they need is a wrench. I in no way see how that means there is something wrong with her car

i agree with you. if it was me, i wouldn't have checked because what sort of idiot steals a battery in the first place? i mean if my car didn't start (and if i was old enough to drive) i wouldn't instantly go "oh i think my battery is missing, i might go check" also, to the sexist idiot #28, not all men make more money than women. there are alot of women who make way more money than you obviously do. specially if your sitting on your computer commenting on a fml. and don't be all "but i make more money than you do" to me because i'm still in school. they don't pay people to learn. grow up and stop being such a misogynist idiot. and then think about getting a job

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If my car wouldn't start (all electronics dead) I would look for some jumper cables and another car before I popped the hood. That being said, if the only people I could call was AAA then I also probably wouldn't have found out my battery was stolen until they arrived. My point being even if you know how to fix it doesn't mean you know what the exact problem is. Obviously the problem here is that your battery isn't supplying enough power to start your car. One would assume that it's because the battery is dead and needs a jump. I don't think anybody, mechanic or not, would think that it might be missing from the car.

you are a tool and obviously don't know shit women make just about as much money as men these days and it is because of sexist pricks like you who think women are inferior to you who cause this problem. I'll make more and spend less in my lifetime then I'm sure you ever will "thug"

I agree with OP. if your car doesn't start, first thing you should do is pop the hood to make sure there is no gunk or debris covering the connector cables to the battery. if your to db to be able to check a battery you shouldn't be driving. knowing where important parts of your car are located is common sense, you don't need to be a mechanic. YDI for not checking battery before calling AAA. p.s. AAA is for idiots that can't jump a car or change a flat.

well if you didn't pop the hood, how could you jump it? whether it's stolen or not, the hood will have to open up to fix the problem

haha wow.. at least it didn't get stolen while you were away from home doing said errands. :)

my bad, didn't mean to submit twice. crap internet connection.