By rugernut13 - 16/10/2009 04:47 - United States

Today, I went out to start my car to go to work. When it wouldn't start, I popped the hood to see what was wrong. Some kind individual took advantage of the fact that my window doesn't roll up, and stole my battery. FML
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Judging from how you said that, it sounds like the window hasn't been able to roll up for a while now. Why in the world wouldn't you fix it? It's surprising your car hasn't been stolen.

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lmao @ kind individual


gonna be a douche and say... FIRST!

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youre a douche

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wow that sucks

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$$ Cha-CHING! $$

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YDI for not fixing your window!

you should have gottten that fixed pronto

Attention American stupids: the economy sucks. When the economy sucks, crime increases. When it comes closer to Christmas time, crime ALWAYS increases. Lock up and protect your shit... or else people WILL assume you don't want it. You completely deserved it for being a retard. How about next time you purchase a brand new computer, you place the empty box out for trash pickup... and then freak out when someone breaks into your house and steals said computer!?! Your fault! People never cease to amaze me.

prior experience?

It's why I look up skirts.

we call people like you creapers......

Along with a bad economy and Christmas time comes people having no money so maybe he couldn't fix it

Judging from how you said that, it sounds like the window hasn't been able to roll up for a while now. Why in the world wouldn't you fix it? It's surprising your car hasn't been stolen.

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I don't understand. What does the window have to do with anything?

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Usually to pop the hood of the car you need to flip a switch in the car next to the driver's side. Since the window was broken the thief had no problem getting to the switch. This actually reminds me of the senior prank of my old school. They went and stole all the buses batteries and put them near the elementary school across the road

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agreeing with consensus. While what happened sucks, if there's such an obvious problem with your car's security, you shouldn't be suprised when someone takes advantage of it. If the front door of my house didn't lock, I'd only have myself to blame if someone broke in and stole something. if you have something worth protecting, spending the money to ensure its safety is essential.

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Replacement doorknob so your house locks: $15 or less, and you can install it yourself in 15minutes Replacement window: for my car would cost about $200 See, the economy sucks right now, and it's become a lot harder to save even that little bit. groceries, rent, gas for the car, and electricity come before new window. And at that point, at least for me, it would take a couple weeks to save up to replace my window. Do I deserve to have my car battery stolen because I am broke? That's stupid logic. How am I supposed to go to work to make more money to fix my window, if my battery is gone?

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You could use a loan/credit card maybe? Or you could cut costs somewhere else. What good does taht gas do without a car battery? lol

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I meant pre-battery-theft. :)

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its not his fault his window broke and he didnt have the money to fix it if he had the money and was too damn lazy then it would have been his fault but was he supposed to steal a new window? Any way that sucks atleast on my car if the its locked the alarm goes off if someone pops the hood or the truck or the gas latch or if the gas door is already poped annd i put gas in it or sometimes if its not locked and i put gas in it half way through re fueling jees my alarm sucks

Dood, you forgot to mention the bullseye that you might have well just slapped on your car. You should have gotten your window fixed.