By Alexander - 30/05/2010 16:53 - Russian Federation

Today, I found that my cats somehow managed to pull the plug of my fridge out of the socket. Several days ago. Now I have to get rid of a ton of stinking food and clean the stinking fridge. FML
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spazz24 0

how did u not notice at an earlier time?

how did you not notice this sooner?!!


Guerrilla8 0

That sucks

NikAero 0

first to threadjack

10 all I want to say to you is yum.

oh yea also. CLEAN YOUR ROOM. Lol

argh. put some clothes on!! there's plenty to choose from on your floor.

FMLhockeyNHL 0

why would you put a pic of you half naked on fml, who are you trying to impress, but i will admit, i would jump thru hoops to do you...

YDI for being too stupid to notice sooner.

On a side note- since he's from Russia... In Soviet Russia fridge pulls cat out of socket. I couldn't help myself :x

this was posted already like a month ago

ryguy997 0

you didn't notice that it wasn't cold when you opened it/wasn't making noise?

rohosoccer08 1

ugh that would suck, I'd be kinda pissed at the cat but I guess they didn't do it on purpose

or use them for target practice before it happens again

how are people hitting fyl. this is clearly a ydi cuz op was too dumb to notice this earlier.

Vanessaxx 0

cats are so stupid . I hate themm! -_-

TaylorTotsYumm 10

^Agreed. I don't like cats. They are evil, devious little creatures. My grandma's cat was EVIL. I'm more of a doggie person.(:  > 

NikAero 0

another cat FML!

Valentina_Baby 7

is you an old lady with lots of kittys?

lol, trololo cat ftw!!! watch out for your fridge!

clanceyrocks11 0

how did they get behind the fridge

lol 50. its not the fml below. with all the math problems

ohmygodorwhatever. your cats grew thumbs!?

sukhdeep 4


degrassilovur 0

stinky stinky ? hefty hefty !!

in soviet Russia, fridge unplugs cat

YDI for not eating cold food on a regular basis? AFP ROX MY SOX

52 - is you the type of girl I could only wish lived in my country more? Damn you Holland :(

17, 89 Badum chee - free rimshot for the two of you

LexaDear 0

Technically, in soviet Russia, cats unplug fridges!

In soviet Russian Federation, fridge unplug pussy and stinky food throw out you! There's no way you could be from there when that's the opposite.

vlovesp 0

This one sounds like a fake. I mean how is it possible for a cat to pull out the plug? lol

Idk maybe Russian plugs are different. Some European plugs are two tiny pegs that could easily be pulled out by a cat.

You've obviously never owned a curious cat pulls plug at all the time. They use their teeth, paws to tug at it.

YDI! How do you not notice the refrigerator isn't on, for several days?

WolfsGuns 0

прикольна! Рускей на FML!

WolfsGuns 0

and Sean, yeah, you are right

aren't you seposed to open a fridge everyday? how do u not notice the temperture??

they could eat out or have been out of town.

hmmm true I guess o.o

sugarbabyxoxo 2

bahaha ydi for having a cat.

Why do all the hot girls hate cats?

bummer yo maybe just maybe you should eat some Funyons.

TurboTalon 0

How did you not notice that the light wasn't going on.....

LMFAOoO ! Good Eye On Were He's Frum

don't worry Sean, I like your cats, but yet again i'm not a chick

Put some clothes on, and clean your room, you ****.

So... doggie style is you type?

delutyevan101 0


spazz24 0

how did u not notice at an earlier time?

Easy. I was working at Kroger once when a little kid started crying. Turns out there was a dead poodle stuffed in one of the freezers. Apparently it had been there for days. I thought it was kinda of funny until a homeless man started to eat it. He made a mess and the boss made me clean it up. Then it was the opposite of funny. It was unfunny.

HO-LEE SHIT afatmonkey is back

phreshboi 1

WTF^^^ jeez wat the hell a dead poodle in a freezer!!

WolfsGuns 0

afatmonkey, you are the funniest person on FML. and my iPod actuall predicts your screen name :D

Emma Marshall 19

Most vets store the dead animals in a freezer before they dump them at the rubbish tip.... take your pets home if they are euthanised!

how did you not notice this sooner?!!

hotdyegrl 0

how was this not noticed sooner??

they might have been out of town

YDI for having a cat.

verymerry 6


Yes my thoughts exactly! I love how any cat related FMLs always get a ‘YDI for having a cat! brilliant =)

pancakesfordinne 0

so you haven't been in the fridge in 3+ days?you didn't smell it?

That's what I thought. Surely milk/cheese/fresh food would smell/taste off after a day?

Squrt Orange Glow or Pledge on it. Cats hate citris.

littlemissdqgirl 8

If you don't go in your fridge for a few days then there couldn't be that much in it to clean out. Still ydi for letting your cat run freely unsupervised around your house.

That makes sense. I can't imagine going a single day without opening the refrigerator. Did you never get thirsty?

ydi for having a cat. Dogs rule and cats drool. missdq will you be my girlfriend?

For letting a cat run freely in your house? What was he supposed to do? Keep them in a cage their whole life? I have 4 cats that I let walk around my house, and nothing ever happened like that.

littlemissdqgirl 8

I'm guessing this happened when op wasn't home, he should have put the cat in a room were it can't get into anything. That's why I won't live with a cat, they make messes and get into everything! If you have one it should stay outside. Get a dog if you want an indoor pet.

Even when nobody's home, I let my cats walk around the house, and nothing bad ever happens.

My cat has never done anything like that. But dammit do I hate cats. You can't train them, they try to lay on your face and suffocate you while you sleep, and they just plan evil things all day. Mine is pretty cool (for a cat), but she has urinary tract issues and i have to keep her on prescription food, give her antibiotics about 4 times a year, and do a radiograph every year to make sure she doesn't have bladder stones developing. My dog gets whatever food is on sale, does all kinds of tricks, and scares strangers. He wins.

i like 10s pic ;)