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  afatmonkey  |  0

Easy. I was working at Kroger once when a little kid started crying. Turns out there was a dead poodle stuffed in one of the freezers. Apparently it had been there for days. I thought it was kinda of funny until a homeless man started to eat it. He made a mess and the boss made me clean it up. Then it was the opposite of funny. It was unfunny.

  darkmis1  |  17

For letting a cat run freely in your house? What was he supposed to do? Keep them in a cage their whole life? I have 4 cats that I let walk around my house, and nothing ever happened like that.


I'm guessing this happened when op wasn't home, he should have put the cat in a room were it can't get into anything. That's why I won't live with a cat, they make messes and get into everything! If you have one it should stay outside. Get a dog if you want an indoor pet.

  goonie85  |  0

My cat has never done anything like that. But dammit do I hate cats. You can't train them, they try to lay on your face and suffocate you while you sleep, and they just plan evil things all day.
Mine is pretty cool (for a cat), but she has urinary tract issues and i have to keep her on prescription food, give her antibiotics about 4 times a year, and do a radiograph every year to make sure she doesn't have bladder stones developing. My dog gets whatever food is on sale, does all kinds of tricks, and scares strangers. He wins.