By bummer - 25/11/2009 00:44 - United States

Today, I went to drive my mom's car for a change. It wouldn't start, so I open the hood. Someone had stolen the battery. I go to start my own car so I can drive to the police station to report the theft, and discover someone siphoned off my gas. FML
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who the **** drives to the police station to report a theft? have you heard of a telephone?!?


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YDI, women should not be driving

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27, the 50's called, they want their attitude back. -__-

hmm if only there was some way to notify the police of something from your own home... oh wait! it's a phone! dumbass.

swap batteries? or take the gas from on car and syphin it to the other.

gutting mate. proper soul crushing. FYL =P

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I moderated this one, but it isn't written the same. She said her mom was in China or something..

Damn...someone really hates you...either that or they're just an asshole.

Is it weird that this has totally happened to me too? Except I couldn't get to work on time and got fired. That was pretty lame.....but I know how you feel lol.

Probably Minneapolis then. That stuff would happen there. It's not nearly crowded enough much elsewhere in the state for that to happen.

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YDI for having a stuffed cow you sleep with to make the bad dreams go away. Moolinda won't help you now.