By 1ndustrytx - 04/09/2009 16:46 - United States

Today, I was awakened by the sound of chain-saws. Moments later a tree branch came through my roof. FML
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The tree just wanted revenge for your wooden house.


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and you live in TeXas>? the Texas Chainsaw Massacre has Begun! Umm, again!

it actually happened to me once but the tree fell cause of a thunderstorm! so might now be fake

definately fake, you think you would have more important things to do then wollow in your sorrow on fml, if your house got trashed by a tree, and who cuts down a branch thats over top of some1 elses house, ffaakkee

If he's called construction workers, then what else can he do? If he does not know who had the chainsaw when the tree was cut, what are the chances he is going to knock on their door/phone the police, etc.? It's not as if he has much else to do, and he may just spend quite a while on the computer, on regular basis, which would not make it out of the norm. typing up an FML for this website. To the original poster: didn't believe it at first, if I am going to believe it - fix your reputation. ;)

The tree just wanted revenge for your wooden house.

Oh god, these mass FMLs rarely make me laugh anymore, but thanks to you. :)))

On the bright side, at least it wasn't some murderer of some sort.

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Yikes! Hope you have insurance. On the bright side, you have that new skylight you have always wanted. :)

you dont need insurance if someone was cutting down the tree, thats what the chainsaw sound would imply . You could just sue them and get more than insurance would get

wow whoever was cutting down trees is a idiot hope they pay for the damages when you cut a tree down you usually try to caculate where it walls

ahaha thats funny but it sucks to be your house