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Today, I went out to eat at a restaurant. When the waitress saw me, she continously told me how beautiful and kind I was. Flattered, I just said thank you. Five minutes later, one of the ugliest girls I've ever seen in my life walked in. The waitress told her the same exact things she told me. FML
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YDI for being so full of yourself. "one of the ugliest girls I've ever seen in my life", tss.


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And she spots suckers a mile away. Seriously, how could you NOT know that that was a line to get money?

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maybe she is the pretty one and ur the ugly one. think of that???


She just says that to everyone for a good tip.

1) She says it to get tipped. 2) You're from Kentucky. I doubt anyone there is very attractive.

Midwestjerk, hmmm I would agree with that name! Perhaps you don't remember that Tara Conner (former miss USA, 2nd runner up for miss Universe) was from Kentucky. Now we may not all be beauty queens, but that was a rude statement. And I would like to know HOW living in Kentucky makes you automatically unattractive. I didn't realize that they herded us ugly people here in a totally separate place than all you beautiful people from other states. We "ugly Kentuckians" can always have plastic surgery, but you, on the other hand, will always have a stupid attitude....I think I would rather one jerk think that I was unattractive than have everyone know that I am ignorant. But good for you, flaunting your ignorance like that!!!!

The fact that about 50% of you are inbred hicks accounts for the uggo factor.

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Understanding the concept of 'Most' -- epic fail

They didn't say most, genius. Midwestjerk is just at troll, Hannah, don't let dickheads like that bother you. OP: YDI for letting it go to your head. When salespeople hit on me, I automatically assume it's to make the sale (or get the tip, in this case). Now if some person on the street or at a party or whatever starts flirting, that's probably genuine. Learn the difference, dear.

Goddamn right I'm a troll. Kentucky = Ass ugly inbred freaks.

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think about it of the population what percent is attractive? it's not as high as u think. maybe 1 out of 4 or 5 20-25%

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19.or maybe you're obnoxious and take things too seriously

#60 you have it wrong that's west virginia.

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How can a waitress know how kind someone is?

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Selfish much? Ha. You probably are ugly and deserved to have this happen.

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When I read this, I thought, "mean much?" about the OP, and then a LITTLE sympathetic. It doesn't mean you're ugly though, it's probably scripted for her to get a good tip, raise, promotion. All that. ;/ FYL.

Erm, I thought moderators/staff had that little star thingy next to their names now. I hope they don't have people like this moderating... Though it would explain a lot. :(

Anyone can be a moderator. and #9, for the record, no one cares if you moderated it.

I agree. The "ugliest girl you've ever seen in your life" was probably thinking the exact same thing about you.

YDI for being so full of yourself. "one of the ugliest girls I've ever seen in my life", tss.