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She's young, don't let it get to you OP

isn't she just a ray of fucking sunshine!


She's young, don't let it get to you OP

Right. But isn't there some proverb about the honest youth?

kids are like little alcoholics; theyll tell you exactly what they think

So what do alcoholic children tell? Mega exactly what they think?

#42 nope someone would call social services

Fluffy? Is that you?

Children are like drunken dwarves: tiny and blatantly honest.

That's exactly the problem: she's young

#2: You have no room to talk based on your username.

Ding! Welshite wins this round!

man you got owned

You can't win them all, OP.

isn't she just a ray of fucking sunshine!

beauty doesn't look at personality

I read somewhere that thanks to nature, men find attractive women to have better personalities and that employers will subconsciously prefer more attractive candidates...

Yea iirc that's a cognitive bias called the halo effect. It says something to the effect that we're more likely to think positively (in terms of their intelligence, likability, etc.) about an attractive person.

personality is something for ugly people to make themselves feel better. just sayin :] xo

You should keep in mind that beauty always fades, one day you'll be old and your personality will be all you have. Shallow people like you will be SOL :)

@37 - The hope is that they'll be too far gone to understand how boring they are, or conversely become so far gone that they actually become interesting as a byproduct. In theory, beautiful people have it all because age distorts everything.

Also, studies show that parents subconsciously treat their more attractive children better. :(

Man, that sucks. Sorry OP. Kids are cold-blooded.

Bitches these days.

Isn't that just fan-fucking-tastic

No, no it's not.

Someone needs to learn manners.

Well, the kid didn't say anything. If she had said something not nice it would be different.