By kaytiebobaytie - 24/01/2010 18:30 - United States

Today, I was hanging out with my boyfriend. We were driving to his hockey game and he was joking around about throwing my favorite hoodie out of his window. While swinging it around, my brand new iPhone flew out of the pocket and the window, getting run over by a car. FML
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YDI for actually keeping something valuable, let alone anything at all, in a hoodie pocket. The only thing those pockets are good for is keeping your hands warm.


don't you mean ex-boyfriend?


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that really sux

Why would you have your window open in the middle of winter, in Mi? Fake or retarded.

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uhm hello he was "joking around".. he probably opened the window just for the sake of holding her hoodie outside, not to feel the fresh, freezing air.

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@12 Actually it's quite warm in some parts of Michigan today. I know I live there myself. @OP YDI for keeping your iPhone in your sweatshirt pocket. All sweatshirt pockets are loose and anything can be stolen or fall out without notice.

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No there was another post there about Michigan being freezing cold during the winter and I swear it was a #12. but I must have been wrong.

u shoulda grabbed it from him

LULZ. Sorry. FYL.

It's horrible to joke about anything, and your boyfriend did a dumb decision. To make up for this, he MUST pay. With a new iPhone. Possibly some more attention and begging, too. Good luck.

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don't you mean ex-boyfriend?

Well im shocked all it akes you to break up with someone is a broken iPhone.

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YDI for having an iphone

YDI for being jealous of her iPhone.

i am jealous i wish i had one 

so does she lol

lol... so you admit it eh?

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wow I would have been pissed

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some ones caughin up money and more

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YDI for having an iPhone.

Agreed... Overpriced technology

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so when is he buying you a new one?

totally agree

that means he gets u a brand new one