By Tasty - 19/07/2009 22:02 - United States

Today, I went into a restaurant and sat at a bar near three guys who appeared to be 19 or 20. They did not acknowledge me. 15 minutes later, my burger arrived. They all ran over to ask me about it. I haven't been hit on in months. My cheeseburger is more attractive to men than I am. FML
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"Hey baby, when wanna play titanic?" "how do you play?" "When i say iceberg, you go down. Ready? Iceberg" -Girl goes down- -men steal burger and run-

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maybe if you ate less cheeseburgers you'd get hit on more..


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lol thats funny, sucks tho :P

Lmao! That's hilarious, but don't worry, someone'll hit on you soon :P

I was one of the guys and I briskly walked up to this gorgeous women and said... "I can haz cheezburger?"

@ #30 and #58: Thumbs down for not knowing how to use a reply link.

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#87, thumbs down for not figuring out that people reply to the first comment so that their comments will be above all the others.

In absolutely no way is this an FML, a lot of guys won't hit on a girl unless they have an opening line, u said these guys looked like they were 19-20..meaning they probably don't have much experience picking up girls at a bar, they saw the cheeseburger and thought they could 'open' with it. Not very smoothe obviously, but they're young..I used to try to talk to girls using stupid opening lines like that when I was younger. Not an FML, just guys trying to hit on you..what are you complaining about?

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or maybe it looked good and they wanted to know what kind of burger to order.

This is impossible, I don't care how ugly the chick is she is still getting hit on. Dudes are desperate and will do anything to increase the potential of us getting ass. Trust me, I am one.

Totally agree with this comment....They just waited for something to use as an opening line.

oh noes! some guys didn't hit on you! big enough ego? get over yourself.

sorry 110, they should have come over 15 minutes earlier, pointed to random parts of the OP's anatomy and asked "Is that any good, can I have a bite?". I hear women, especially feminists, find it quite flattering. OP YDI, they are giving you attention, and people don't normally introduce themselves to ask about your food..

Im with those guys i mean look at it this way Burger:tastes good, dosnt complain, can have sex with and leave, instant, gives you energy on, silent You(all women):Tastes bad, nags, must cuddle after sex, have to work on, must use energy for, loud Pretty open and shut if you ask me

well it's hard to compete with a tasty meal

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#133, that's not true. I used to work at a bar and I've seen chicks not getting hit on.

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the hell is this? a taco bell commercial?

that doesn't suck; the FML is the ops inability to judge social situations. a girl at a table alone is usually waiting for someone else. maybe they didn't want to risk running into ur boyfriend.

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LOL its gonna be alright. its gonna be allllllright. -patpat-

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Hahaha. That's sucks bad. You should have seduced them lol. Just kidding

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then slide hand twords the burger and take it

"Hey baby, when wanna play titanic?" "how do you play?" "When i say iceberg, you go down. Ready? Iceberg" -Girl goes down- -men steal burger and run-

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HAHAHAHA omg, pure genius!

"When I say 'iceberg' you go down"? WIN. If I were a guy, I would try that one a dumb girl. "We're playing Titanic, you HAVE to go down."

*LMAO* I'd love to see this comment illustrated XD So random!

Well, don't men like to see girls eat a real meal? Of course, being a girl, I have no idea if that's true or just some myth. Use it as a conversation starter anyway! And if it goes nowhere from there...well, at least you got your burger lol. Also, did you ever think that maybe they already had girlfriends and therefore didn't think to hit on you...?

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maybe if you ate less cheeseburgers you'd get hit on more..

It means he would say the same comment..

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this is exactly what i was thinking. rather than sit around eating cheeseburgers and waiting for men to hit on her, she should get off her fat ass and go to the gym.

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well how was the cheeseburger? it must have been pretty amazing to get strangers to walk up to you and ask you about it.

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I think you should stop eating cheeseburgers.

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maybe you've been eating a little to much since u havent been hit on for months