By Mr. Shawzy - 14/01/2009 13:09 - Canada

Today, the ugliest girl in school walked by me and said "ewwww". FML
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you should've punched her in the mouth then apologized to her by saying you thought she was a male.

mizled 0

Does that make you the ugliest person...?


HAHAHAH @ #4 and I agree with #1... why is this in the love category?

mizled 0

Does that make you the ugliest person...?

just put a shaver on her desk with a note"trim the muostache" or maybe "trim the lumber jack bread"

NightElfGod 0

i would have started laughing and said something like "aww thats cute your trying to raise your self-confidence"

I don't even do that and I feel like I'm fairly unattractive. I'm not ugly, but I'm average. In a sense, she was being a bitch, but so are you for making a big deal out of it...? If you think you're good looking, it shouldn't matter what some girl said.

YouMustBe_Joking 0

you're either a troll or this girl thinks way to much of herself. If she does, you shouldn't be worrying about it.

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If you actually care this much about what other people think then this'll sting... Ladies and Gentleman, we have the NEW Ugliest Girl in school!