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Today, I went jogging with my girlfriend. I'm pretty sure my moobs bounced more than her breasts. FML
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keep at it and eventually they won't be bouncing at all pal!

Buy a sports bra to keep them from bouncing?


keep at it and eventually they won't be bouncing at all pal!

well it's not about what they like but more what he wants for himself right?

First off I'm a girl,so yeah imo there are some nice chubbier men around. And most have a better personality than buff guys.

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Well RaggleFrock that might b because ur not the thinest of girls ;)

I'm fat and when I go running with my female friends its very embarrassing to see your whole chest bouncing. So I feel for you OP but in some time that won't even bother you. I've already lost 6.6lbs Keep at it!!

All the buff guys that I've had any kind of "more than friends" interaction with were douchebags that only wanted sex. The chubbier, less buff guys actually treat me like a lady and make an effort to get to know me before trying anything. In fact, my new boyfriend is a chubbier guy and he's treated me better than any guy I've ever been with. So RaggleFrock isn't wrong, in fact, she's very right.

What about skinny guys? Do they tend to be turbo-douches or are they usually quite nice?

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#79 Don't let what other people say get you down. #9 is right, it's about personality. :)

nope pretty sure weight has nothing to do with personality.

Stereotyping in shape people as douche bags. Not cool.

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Taking shirtless pictures of yourself. Not cool.

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113- It's pictures like those that make women like us label you all as douche bags.

Not everyone is a dick just by the way they look. A guy can be a pro body builder and have the personality of a teddy bear. It's the fact that the guy/girl finds the wrong person and treats them like shit.

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I'm dating a guy with very nice abs and he is the sweetest guy I've ever met ;)

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You guys keep talking about OP. What if the girl just doesnt have any breasts >.> That should make OP feel better about himself. And who cares what the girl feels cause she'll never know theres an fml that shes in xD

Walk wit mah **** Walk walk wit mah ****!

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Unless 9 is a girl. Which makes you moron.

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It's okay, OP. When I go jogging with some of my guy friends, they jiggle just as much as me. Well, they did in the beginning. They lost a lot of weight and they look great! Keep at it (:

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As said give it a couple of months and those moobs will be behind you (and not in hunchback way).

Congrats number 79 on losing that weight :D

I kind of agree, but that's where you have to do your best to prove them wrong! :)

I started running in the beginning of august and I've lost 30 pounds along with turning my moobs into some nice pectorals. Exercise and diet go a long way.

So she has small breasts, and you have man tittties?... all bad dude.

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For all you know he might have really big moobs ...

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just keep working out and eat fruits and vegetables! it may take a while depending on your weight but keep trying!

#2 There's nothing wrong with small breasts in my opinion. I have really small ones. It's not like I would complain or mind if I guy had small genitalia.

Hey jumber, what's wrong with small penises?

Well I think it's really just because he wasn't wearing a bra

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Let's get real, bigger is always better.

Let's get real here, some people like small things. Not everything big is "better". For some reason, you sound like a douche, or a bitch.

87 no, I have D cups and it sucks. I can't wear a lot of clothes because they're made for ladies with small breasts which in turn makes for a very uncomfortable fit on me :'(

#54 I can understand your debate. I would like to first say though, not all small breasts are bad. I can live with them. But I wouldn't pursue a woman with small breasts to begin with. Something else would have to spark my interest. :F

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Small breasts, big breasts, whatever. Either way, I'm a fan. ;) Too big can be troublesome for girl's back strain, too small leaves less options for those of us with a creative imagination, lol! ;) But still, it's all good. :D

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Dude, it was a joke.. I was referring to the saying. I thought FML was supposed to make people laugh not take it seriously. Maybe I am a bitch.

Yeah, #91 if you think D's are bad try DD's -.-

#92 But see, the whole "I can live with them" attitude towards small breasts is just as hurtful to me as someone saying that small breasts are unattractive. Hopefully there are guys out there who actually PREFER small breasts, because honestly I don't know why a guy would ever pursue me with the attitude that guys seem to have towards boobs.

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You know I don't think I've ever heard a guy sincerely complain about breast size they're usually just joking around.

^ this. I've dated girls who haven't had larger breasts. It doesn't bother me, and they were pretty sexy naked. But if I could pick the same girl but have her boobs be bigger?... Duh? ... and no to whoever asked earlier, I am not an ass man.. :) although, I love butts just the same.

Oh! And the answer to why someone would pursue you is in your user name. (:

116- I see larger breasts as an added bonus. Would I not date someone because they have too small of breasts? No. It would help the matter -not going to lie- but it all comes down to compatibility. Also, I can't STAND those girls that show cleavage and act like I'm going to roll over for them or something. Yes, it's nice. I'm a hormone crazed teenager. Obviously I'm going to be like ._. but that doesn't mean you're hot shit. Yay rant over.

49 didn't you realize that, that would undoubtably start flame wars?

121 took the words out of my mouth. I do think small breasts are cute though. I guess I'm a fan of any and all haha. As long as they're on a woman ;)

Cute clothing is definitely aimed towards smaller breasts though. Same for cute bras. Being a 34 DD is a pain in the ass to go shopping for. Very rarely can I find cute bras or even bras at all in my size. I've never had a guy complain about my boobs but I sure as hell am.

So now we're talking about clothing and girls who have larger breasts whim guys don't complain about?(: nice.

#54 you sound like my type of girl ^___^ and honestly to me it doesn't really matter what a girl looks like I prefer personality, I'd rather be with a kind caring less attractive girl then a hot bitch but if the girl with the great personality is very attractive as well then that's even better :p

It's all about working with what you have. Small or big breasts, as long as you know how to dress to fit your body shape you're well off. Same goes for the penis. I've been with two guys so far in my life and the one who knew how to use what he had, even though it wasn't much it was a better lay then the well endowed one.

Okay 112/nerdsgetmehot, let me hit you with this: You are very attractive! And it's not because of your rack alone! Why would a guy pursue you? Attitude! Humour! Beauty! Lean and sexy! Very nice perky boobs! Did I just say large boobs? Nope! The point? It's not all about king kong knockers. It really is the whole picture and what you do with it. Everyone has a best feature they may want to flaunt. I know a lot of guys that are all ass men, some yes, all about the boobs. I even know a few that like them with wee boobs, the smaller the better. There's nothing wrong with how you look simply because you don't have DD's, so what, walk tall and proud! :) Feel better? :) ( Note, I'm not hitting on you, just thought you could use the sexual observations of a complete stranger who thought maybe you were a little down on yourself....if that somehow helped.) lol! Cheers! :)

I prefer smaller breasts, for real ! I love B cup size and like A and C. I feel like D and over is just too much, because often it won't hold up. But small breasts turn me on and I can't stand fake ****. I'd say I like anything that's firm and natural.

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Problem isn't just with really small or really big, even the middle has a hard time shopping, I am between sizes, so I don't know if the bra I am looking at will flatter me or over take me. I admire the c cups cause those bras are cute, but a and b don't have many cute choices, b is plain and A is just white or neutral mole hill bras, I felt I may as well go with overpowering or sports bra for variety.

I actually tend to have the same problem and I'm a B cup. I buy most of my bras at VS and the majority of the pretty, lacy, sexy ones are made for 34 B and higher. That's not fair, girls with small boobs want to look pretty too! It seems we all have something to complain about... lol ;) Idk what the whole deal with breast size is. **** are awesome. I'm a straight girl and even I look at boobs all the time. Small ones, big ones, medium ones, I don't care. It's not about the size, it's about how they compliment your body type and their shape. I'm a 32 B and I have a pretty small frame (tall but naturally skinny) so I know if my boobs were even a cup size bigger I'd look really awkward. It's all about hips anyway ;)

Buy a sports bra to keep them from bouncing?

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Buying sports bra > buying a $450 elliptical that won't fit in your house and is non-refundable. Probably easier to find too.

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My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard...

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I can teach you but, I have to charge.

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I found it absolutely hysterical.

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Good thing you're jogging. Drink lots of water and eat healthy food, too, and I'm sure those moobs will decrease (at least somewhat).

There's noobs everywhere. They'll only multiply. Never will the noob population decline. :'F

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there's a big difference between noobs and moobs :)

I swear it said noobs when I commented. -____-

We know that it said NOOB when you commented, we read that like two times.

10- Speaking of noobs... "There is noobs everywhere"?

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Sosickwithit is proof of his own comment

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"hey mami, let me see them jug- oh shit, that's a dude."

Good thing you are jogging now! That problem should go away.

The awkward moment you realise you have bigger girls then your girlfriend.

Wow I really sounded stupid there. Damn you small phone screen!!!

I use the android app of this, my phone has a really small screen and words are really small. It's the Samsung galaxy mini

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Always blame the phone for your own stupidity ...

"It is a sign of a bad master who blames his tools and not himself for a job poorly done." ;)