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By anonymous - 18/07/2012 04:02 - United States - Silverdale

Today, I auditioned for the role of Rizzo in a local production of Grease. The director told me I wasn't tough enough, and that my persona too sweet and childlike for the part. I asked if I should instead try out to play Sandy. He replied, "I was being nice. Honestly, you're ugly and can't act." FML
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If you seriously enjoy acting, don't let this completely discourage you. There's always a role for every persona, eventually. Keep working at it!

Did you inform him that he should audition for biggest jackass after? I sure hope so.


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detroitsucks247 3

John travolta please come out of the closet or im gonna cap this bitch.

Don't let this get to you, Work harder and show him you can do much better.

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well hes gotta make a profit so he must be very selective

This what they told Phillis Diller she make her living on ugly. Look her up kiddos.

fthislyfe 22

Everyone is beautiful...It's a lie they tell to ugly people

SuperDerp 8

I mean hes being honest. But in a douchey way; but people who may have more talent than him may want the role. The director.... what was he supposed to say when you asked for sandy's role? FYL but you kind of cornered the director there.

That's your opinion, but turn your perspective upside down and i can guarantee you can find good and beauty in everyone, society sucks at doing this because we all had some bad encounter.

thatKidzmOm 10

Beauty isn't just in looks. Someone can be unattractive on the outside but be a beautiful person on the inside. This argument doesn't help the girl wanting to act, of course, but in general it's true. Then again, there are some seriously unattractive actors and actresses out there.

TheDrifter 23

Gary Busey. But seriously, the whole "everyone is beautiful" thing is a load. I know a large number of people who are ugly inside and out.

I think it should be "everyone is beautiful to someone" bevause I know guys and girls who go after hideous people in both looks and personality.

Well he did say he was childish and not tough enough first then when op asked again he was mean about it

BeforeItWasCool 12

Why? Because he didn't want OP in his production? We're assuming then, that OP is a talented actor? We have no proof of this. Sure, the director was harsh, but his job is a difficult one, and in his favour he tried to let OP down gently. When an actor who has been denied a part continues to badger you, when you have other auditions to see, casting to complete, all in a short space of time, I'm not really surprised he snapped and became harsh. As an actor, OP needs to learn to handle rejection anyway. I don't see how this is the directors fault. OP was probably being pushy and wasting time. Sure it's a douche like thing to call someone ugly, but honestly, I can understand why the director may have been frustrated.

Llamacod 11

gaysunshine, op is a she. rizzo and sandy are female characters. I mean, I could see the potential confusion about op's sex with rizzo, but sandy?

Sounds like he needs to clean up his act

50 you are why people are insecure and you are wrong.

mandak1982 3

50- how many times has someone said it to you?

Whats wrong with saying that there are other actors still auditioning and he he would let her know if she got the role. If she then badgered for Sandy he could still say "there are many auditioning". No need to absolutely tear her down. I doubt she was the only woman at the audition. That and even ugly people make the backgrounds of a play. If he awarded the role to someone else no biggie he could tell her that he didn't think she was suited and have a few more lessons. That and who does he think he is? He sounds unprofessional - so a community theatre man. Oo big shot. It's like when I interview people for jobs. I don't tell them I think they are a moron and a waste of flesh. I tell them that they weren't suited for this position and thank them for their time. The end and I haven't torn them to shreds. There is no defending the rudeness of the director.

Sandy can be a boy's name too (short for Alexander). It's an understandable mistake if someone's not familiar with the play or movie.

BeforeItWasCool 12

123- I don't think you can really rip on someone else for rudeness when your bio simply reads "I'm most likely smarter than you."

If you seriously enjoy acting, don't let this completely discourage you. There's always a role for every persona, eventually. Keep working at it!

sunnyt 5

What an asshole. I would have straight up punched him in the face and walked out. That's what Rizzo would've done!

Im gonna sound like a total douche, but isnt it better that he was honest? Now you can go pursue something you are better at instead of being under the impression youre good at something youre naturally not and being disappointed time and time again when you dont get the roles you want. Honestly hurts op but its better in the long run :)

But that was only one person's opinion.

Better that you heard it now instead of later.

9inchesSoft 11

It would've been better if the director wasn't a dick, and would've just came up with another excuse to not put them in. Nobody wants to hear they're ugly now or later.

TheDrifter 23

As much fun as lying to people about their deficiencies is, someone needs to tell them the truth eventually. If op has the emotional range of Kristen Stewart and the face of Merle Haggard, the role of Rizzo is not for her.

Actually, that is a great description of Rizzo!

Yeh - director was harsh but honest and now you can try to improve your skills.

itsgen 16

I ageee with you 127 Honestly people stop being kiss asses! The truth hurts oh well get over it and move on. Stop being fake and start getting real. Yeah the director was harsh but at least he was honest

itsgen 16

61 I think i love you. I fuckig hatw when people say " omgg op its okay hes a jerk!" Blahh blahh Hes being honest, and well the truth isnt always pleasant

nokel11 7

I ******* hate when people can't spell.

itsgen 16

Haha bitch its a typo , calm yourself down.

soccergurrll 8
sunnyt 5

Wow, we didn't know that you were being sarcastic. The thought never occurred to me.

soccergurrll 8

#10 I realize that the comment was meant to be sarcastic but apparently some people did not think so

#10 - This is FML. Sarcasm is never quite clear on FML, unless you know the poster. I thought that this was very obviously sarcastic, but why do you think we've been requesting a sarcasm font for so long?

I thought you were being legit, saying that the director was nice so that she wouldn't waste her time.

Did you inform him that he should audition for biggest jackass after? I sure hope so.

I hope OP also informed the director that she has sweet, sweet lesbian sex with his wife every Thursday.

HairyPunisher 27

28, a little out of left field and not really an insult don't you think?

Yeah she'd really be banking on the director being unusually homophobic at that point.

Llamacod 11

banking on the director being homophobic is a pretty good bet, especially in the united states(I can't see posts location only sex of op on my phone's app)

I don't think he'd have to be homophobic to have a problem with his wife cheating on him with another woman.

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That's a pretty big assumption you're making.

I'm gonna have to agree with 17. While what the director did do is really shitty, it's a bit far to call him a useless human being. There's a good chance that he's a father and husband to a family and they certainly wouldn't call him useless. Definitely a douche, but not useless.

I'm no actor, but I guess that learning and managing how to deal with rejections is an often needed ability. And if you keep on after such a rude one, you may have managed your acid test.

He sounds like a pretty great director actually. He even tried to let OP off easy which is a lot more than some people in his position would do. I think you should know more about this man before you go around saying things like that. Calling somebody a useless human being is much worse than calling them ugly and untalented.

Llamacod 11

I'm willing to bet that some of the best directors are assholes, or at least they have to come off like it to deal with over sensitive actors

I hope you told him where to stick it. He doesn't deserve you in his crappy play if he is going to be such an unprofessional douche bag.

IworkAt711 14

Well not rveryone is good for the part, but yeah he could have said it a little nicer.

In a lot of businesses that would be unprofessional. In acting, it's par for the course. This was a local production so he needn't have been so harsh but if you want to be an actor, you'll have to grow a thick skin. Of course, you'll also have to take lessons, practice, and go out for parts that suit your appearance. Steve Buscemi doesn't audition for Brad Pitt roles. Work whatever look you already have.

Ouch! O well you never know till you try

Well, if you can't act, do something else.

Those directors can be vicious OP, don't let this get you down!