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  EmoGiana  |  0

When she said this, she was FMLing herself because she's saying her boyfriend has boobs and she doesn't. She isn't FMLing because her boyfriend. Just her small tits.

  auto_da_fe  |  2

#100 Just because a man is chubby enough to have boobs doesn't make them any less of a man. I mean, as long as he isn't much bigger than an A cup, I don't see any problem there.

By  Jujunut  |  4

Either way does it really matter? If it bothers you that he's overweight(?) then make him go on a diet, and if if the case is that you have an almost flat(again, ???) chest, either way what is the problem? >>; If it's the former, you can help him go on a diet (if he's overweight), the healthiest choice.

I'm a woman, I have small boobs but I don't understand why people think boob size is sooo important that you "hate your life" or them. There's plenty of men out there who don't mind breast size, my boyfriend included.

Preferences, preferences.

  stevenJB  |  25

I prefer small to medium sized breasts. Theres a point where the size is just a hassle.

  DanielT1994  |  19

Men are naturally meant to like curvy women because they'll be better candidates as mothers. Big hips are good for childbirth. Big breasts are good for feeding. It's nature trying to select the better genetics, with society interfering.