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Either your boyfriend is obese or you have tiny breasts.

lol your chest fails or his chest fails? or wins? depends on how you look at it


Make him go on Boys Gone wild. wait...nvm. Girls Gone Wild!

if you had bigger breasts you probably wouldn't have to date a man with moobs.

send me pics. I'll decide. ;D

ive been in this situation many many times :D

OP's boobs: (.) (.) Her boyfriend boobs: ( . ) ( . ) he wins.

Yours are sexy though. I'm guessing his aren't.

that was to 97 by the way

FYL. The boyfriend can change his moobs, you can't. :P

hey fat guys need lovin' too.

nah athletic guys like me r where it's at ;)

no athletic guys LIKE ME is where it's at ;)

titties or gtfo?

lol your chest fails or his chest fails? or wins? depends on how you look at it

Yeah, she can play with boobs too now

well its a win or fail fail because she is just flat chested and hes only a lil big or win because she ISNT flat chested, her boyfriend is just fat.

When she said this, she was FMLing herself because she's saying her boyfriend has boobs and she doesn't. She isn't FMLing because her boyfriend. Just her small tits.

your icon. NERU QAQ

I am nearing a c! her boobs cn b b"s thts not small just handsized. no worries there

#100 Just because a man is chubby enough to have boobs doesn't make them any less of a man. I mean, as long as he isn't much bigger than an A cup, I don't see any problem there.

imagine how much action you can get with those tah tah's!

badunka dunk man lol

wtf?? lol ftw????

haha im gonna start calling them that:D

#129 he means moobs for the win -_-

Your boyfriend must be going for some sort of fatass achievement.

or fat titties, cus I'd say he one

Or maybe he got implants. Men have to feel pretty too sometimes!

Achievement Unlocked 50G - Fatass

do you wear frisbee's as a bra?

ur duckigator is so cute

Either he is obese or you have tiny breasts.

Either your boyfriend is obese or you have tiny breasts.

I think she's in the itty bitty titty club

*Itty bitty titty committee

Maybe he's super ripped and has big pecs. Look at Chris Evans, he must be around a D-cup.

Either way does it really matter? If it bothers you that he's overweight(?) then make him go on a diet, and if if the case is that you have an almost flat(again, ???) chest, either way what is the problem? >>; If it's the former, you can help him go on a diet (if he's overweight), the healthiest choice. I'm a woman, I have small boobs but I don't understand why people think boob size is sooo important that you "hate your life" or them. There's plenty of men out there who don't mind breast size, my boyfriend included. Preferences, preferences.

or instead of putting them on a diet you could dump them

I don't think the FML is because of the size of her tits. I'm pretty sure it's because of the size of her boyfriends tits.

I'm a guy and I don't mind a girl small tits. But would I rather date a girl with big tits. YES!!!

u can't make someone go on a diet or ur not even a good girlfriend. supportive not a bitch dumb ass.

Yea I'll give you a nickel if you can find me 20 guys that would rather date a flat chest rather than a big chest -.-

stevenJB 25

I prefer small to medium sized breasts. Theres a point where the size is just a hassle.

Men are naturally meant to like curvy women because they'll be better candidates as mothers. Big hips are good for childbirth. Big breasts are good for feeding. It's nature trying to select the better genetics, with society interfering.

@ #7 how would that even work?

he is calling the girl flatt chested