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Today, my mom tried to sell me a bag of rice, with "Cocaine" written on the side of it in sharpie pen. In exchange for my soul. FML
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I don't get it. but it's typical for me not to get it because I'm American.

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GuitarFail123 9

ik just wow, shes an "interesting" mother...

ganksta_ikm 1

Ops' mom is scarface on crack

Susieee_Q 9

Definitely more interesting than most moms....

meth monkeys should stick to their game and not sell crack.

lol seems legit did you make the trade?

cc_the_beast 6

Cocaine's a hell of a drug...

cc_the_beast 6

Cocaine's a hell of a drug...

I wouldn't grind my feet into somebody's couch like it's something to do... Sure, I remember grinding my feet into Charlie Murphy's couch!

she's one of a kind, she is.. well, now you know who the neighbourhood drug dealer is..

GuitarFail123 9

lol i think she should talk to charlie sheen.

Sacurason 0

I wasn't aware that you could buy more crack with a person's soul.

Jonscarl 0

what ever she's smoking I want some

number 37and 38 can't take a damn joke...

bluekid7 5

take it op, it's heaven in a bag!!!

reggicm 0

No 191, they just don't like stupid jokes.

da ****? and I thought my parents were bad...

I wasn't aware that op's mother is the devil. who asks for ones soul.... devil mother

JuggaletteKlown 0

If it was real coke that'd be awesome!! is her mother trying to emply that doing drugs is like selling your soul? she deserves to be slapped.

it sounds to me like she's trying to set up a senario. OP just made it seem like him mom is a lune.

LunaNstars 0

I think the mom just watches a lot of Supernatural on TV. she may be thinking she's a demon...

iSitt 0

sounds like op's mom got that idea from a bible study pamphlet.

lol like that's normal, creepy mothers :/

Maybe OP's mom is a ginger, and really wanted a soul.

rachelmacivor 0

I agree, he was setting somthing up. to the op I think if I knew you I would hang out with your mom more than you.

yea she is...? trying to teach you children not to do drugs is the smartest thing any parent can do. albeint, that is a weird way to go about it...

Obviously, no child would take any drug from there mother if they know better. And No mother would offer drugs to their child unless she's mental, or crazy.

EYEoftheTIGER22 1

free rice. being freaked out is a small price to pay for free food

woah I was listening to rise against when I read this comment haha

And was she smoking some of that cocain..?

iLove2LoveU 0

I'm gonna guess she was smoking some of it

kobe24doinwork 0

just curious, how do you go about smoking a bag of cocaine?

jamieleigh_315 0

u can smoke it inject it snort it..

dotDotMyCurve 0

sounds like she needs a shrink or someone should tell her what cocaine looks like...

magikarpman 0

damn I'd dot dot those curves ;)

magikarpman 0

lol that's what I was going for

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its not a bad deal cause if you buy it part of your soul will be gone anyway