Sorry Pat

By Kronic - 02/07/2009 05:08 - United States

Today, I went shopping with my two sons and my wife. We got separated after a while, and I spotted my son in the video game section of the store. I snuck up behind him and playfully slapped him on the back of the head. The kid turned around and it wasn't my son. His mom was none to happy. FML
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way to not recognize your own son

Haha sounds like something my dad would do. FYL


lolzforfun228 3

wow. Why would you slap you son in the back of the head in the first place. And no I'm not gunna say fucking first. It's annoying.

blargity 0

because he wanted to be playful? and way to point it out then, by adding "fucking" to "first" #4 his grammar is perfectly fine (except for "o" in too)

umm u still said first u coulda just not mentioned it at all dumbass

Kyothine 0

you're an idiot. He's saying "I won't say first" to insult everyone who does say that.

realggirl 0

I agree... ydi for slapping your son. Even if your intentions were good, imagine always being afraid that someone was going to hit you. It's not pleasant.

There is no such thing as "playfully" SLAPPING your son FFS!!!

ElliexMarie 0

YDI ! why would you slap your son in the first place ?

aaaaa12345_fml 0

if it were me, i would have punched him in the face for good measure when he turned around

kieran247 0

no you just said to brag without people getting mad...

"snuck" is not a word. it's "sneaked", your ears were trained badly

i get playfully slapped all the time... its no big deal... so to all of you that are flipping a tit, calm down and relax its called "having fun"

Snuck IS a word. Dumbass.

twaumat 28

that's what I was thinking

Haha sounds like something my dad would do. FYL

way to not recognize your own son

fmyfudginglife 0

His mom was NONE to happy? Wow, you should take up being a English teacher your grammar and spelling is just so amazing.

lolzforfun228 3

actually that's correct. correction fail!

iSmellNice 2

#4, your grammar and spelling fails, too. "a English?"

fmyfudginglife 0

None too happy doesn't make sense either, smart one. It should be NOT too happy.

Suree 0

Being "none too happy" is correct. Now stop whining.

katelynmarie 0

"None" too happy is correct. :P

*an* English teacher... ...teacher*;* your grammar... or ...teacher*.* Your grammar... ...your grammar and spelling *are* just so amazing. FAIL

#32 - Ninja'd. Also, #4, what is wrong with you? If you're going to be anal about someone else's grammar and spelling, at least have the decency to ensure your own retort conforms to the modern standards of English. Especially since he had one error, compared to the several in your post. Anyways, OP, that was kind of stupid. Entertaining, though.

rottenryhmer 0

haha, good looks

I thought it's 'none TOO happy'. you both fail?

We all got that... that's spelling, not so much grammar.

doh!!! bummer, you were just trying to be fun.


YDI How can you not reconize your own son and then slap him. wow.

Because little kids can look very alike. I've done that a couple times with my brothers and parents minus the slapping part.

seb12992 0

Roll that beautiful bean footage.

aaaaa12345_fml 0


Wow thanks for adding I won't say first. Your pointing out you are first. So we have the rights to flame your ass now. Go get a life 1st. And op why the he'll would you slap your own son even if it wasn't your son. YDI

lmao. awww! i would do that too lol great fml=)

My dad loves sneaking up on me. Let's just hope he doesn't get into a missunderstanding like that.