By iamnotfat - / Friday 6 February 2009 22:14 / United States
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By  greenman_fml  |  0

eating disorders ftw

By  0___0  |  9

Fat/Ugly people can be attractive ;] Trust me, I WOULD KNOW.

  Peachy2392  |  26

The part that is contradictory is saying ugly people can be attractive. Those who could lose a few can still be attractive. Just because it may not be your personal taste to date someone that's a bit heavy, doesn't mean they just aren't attractive people. People like you, that make these statements trying to make others feel bad about themselves, are unattractive.

By  alex_vik  |  0

Hey, maybe he didn't want his buddy to know who it was.

By  tifferneelee  |  0

#2 is a genius for getting it also, no sympathy for fatties

  alessiaxxooo  |  3

Lol ya stupid bitch she clearly was not asking for sympathy. Lol fair enough no sympathy to some over weight people, but for others it may not be the fault for their weight. Oh and another thing it is wrong to call people fatties you disrespectful little shit.

By  sethupia  |  0

You'd think he was joking. What would be the entire point of saying that otherwise? If he wasn't close enough with his coworker to say it was you, what would it matter who he said was on the phone?

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