By Anonymous - 10/02/2010 17:24 - Lebanon

Today, while cleaning around the house, I found a black bra that wasn’t mine. I confronted my husband about it, which turned into a massive fight. It turned out that the bra actually belonged to my son’s girlfriend I didn’t know he had. FML
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Ok...but she had no idea her "son" was noodling his girlfriend!

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Hey, she said "Confronted" not "Accused" which means she probably didn't start out by yelling but it turned into "You don't trust me!" Blah blah. If she didn't own the bra and as far as she knew her son was single and not having sex, then I would have asked my husband as well.

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Holy sh... you changed your picture, snickerdoodles.

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#26 quit bitching to siren. Who the **** is siren?

#32, she's a mod and she'll eat your insides while laughing at your pain,so grovel accordenly and she might just forgive you for you insolance >_< well maybe... worth a try... :D

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Sirin is one of the moderators, Towelie. Way to know who runs this place.

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perdix, don't act like it's not you. We all know you have a cross-dressing fetish.

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Totally. He's also got the thighs and calves to rock fishnets.

perdix 29

Omg! Thanks, but how do you girls know this? When I strut around my living room in my party clothes, I always look out the window to see who is peeping and I don't remember seeing you among my thong, I mean, throng of admirers' I've got two, count 'em, two teenage stalkers! Everyone bashes the pedophiles, but where is the hue and cry about the geriatrophiles! Help!

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Mwahahaha &gt;:D *lures perdix into a corner where no-one can hear his screams*

I'm just responding because Pearljammer001 said your cool if you do ;D continue to scroll on, mwahahaha!

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Oh, this thread disappeared for a while, please see comment #98. hundred and FIRST!

oooooo o.O ... you might want to start thinking of grovling soon...

Towelie, you seem to be having a very bad day, so we've decided to be nice and give you a permanent vacation, all expenses paid.

it doesn't have anything to do with being insecure if you ere married and you found random bras and thongs and you don't have an older daughter you'd freak out or ask ur husband about it... same thing for guys if u find clothes and crap that aren't yours it's human nature.

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Nooo you guys! She's our big sister!

snickerur always on sum1s post talkn shit

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Well I did tell him to grovel... o well...

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*Discontinues slow clap with loud whistle* *Waits quietly for bug to be fixed whilst munching on cookie dough ice cream*

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"Jumped to conclusions"? If you didn't know your child even had a boyfriend or girlfriend then why wouldn't you at least say something to your spouse about it?

Riku, I have to say that your good point completely demolishes #73's (Ajjas) thoroughly detailed, well-presented, and incredibly long argument...

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Meh, I was replying to #1 but whatever works for you Sirin. =)

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****, I thought I might win the Nobel Prize for my revelational ideas. I submit to you Riku.

Riku: I know, I was just messing around ;)

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I knew that too! *Tries to deny stupidity*

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Get the **** put before I capture you and ship you to China where you'll die a slow death of ass raping and then put on a rotisserie and brewed with kimchi. Was that trollin'?

I don't blame her... WTF is she supposed to think!

... time for a talk with your son and possibly a four-some.

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i own you i troll ur smart az coments xD

that's when you say sorry, make up, and then gang up on your son

No, that's when you tottally make it seem like it wasn't a big deal that OP accused him, but to make sure the son doesn't get the girl knocked up. Then comes the groveling. -ALN

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Dude! "Snickerdoodle" stfu! Do you have a life!?

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#22 soooo what would U think if it wasn't yours????

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snickerdoodles is just trying to hide her ugly red hair.

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don't act like you'd act any different. What i wanna know though is why the hell the bra was even there? i mean even if her son got laid why the **** would she leave her bra?

wow way to be a total bitch about it before you even knew he wa cheating... that shows a lack of trust.

and you were the same size as your sons girlfreind... sad

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age has nothing to do with the size of one's breasts, cambo.

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the bra she found wasn't hers! Dipshit.

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I feel like for most people finding a bra that doesn't belong to you in your own house constitutes some type of evidence. people don't usually just lose those.

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metzler, you sir are a dick that needs to calm down before someone kicks the shit outa you for talkin like a dick.

who said it was a women. the husband and other husband could be gay... notice how the op is genderless.

"a black bra that 'wasn't mine'" that kind of implies that it was a woman, had it been a man, he would have simply said "a black bra"

maybe he is gay like that. if you catch my drift.

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He'll get over it if you apologize with a ********.

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you are sick 105... must be trolling. no way thats a serious question. why would the mom give her son a bj!!???

damn woman. jumpy r we. se women need to chill lol

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I'm gonna be honest...even though she jumped to a conclusion, I'm on the fence about this one....