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Today, I went down to my grandparents' house to spend some time with them. I was in the guest room when I noticed a box in the corner of the closet labelled "Crap". I opened up the box to see my Dad's John Elway Autographed Football in it. I got it for him for Christmas, it cost me $600. FML
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Ajjas013 6

Just take it back and sell it...

Ajjas013 6


Ajjas013 6

Just take it back and sell it...

aww that's horrible. f your dad for being a dick.

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maybe crap stands for Cool Really Awesome Presents

Ajjas013 6

That's exactly what it stands for.

nolasaints 0

take it back. throw it at his face and then keep it to yourself or sell it.

theice 0

damn it's worth more now. confront your dad on that one. maybe slash a tire or two for being a dick. if you don't want it I'll take it.

blazingman311 1

You got your dad a John Elway autographed football? FHL

Ajjas013 6

So basically you're trying to say... He's a soccer fan right?

perdix 29

Maybe. Or he could be in that surprisingly large number of those who have a phobia of horse-toothed people. I'll bet the "Crap" box has a lot of Osmond Family records in it.

Ajjas013 6

LMFAOOOOO. If he really had a phobia, then I'm sure he would of gotten rid of it though. That's a funny phobia. Unless his dad actually values crap... Then his son is just overreacting.

Ajjas013 6

I'd like to add to that. I also noticed OP was at his grandparent's house. Maybe his dad is dead and passed on the football and the grandparents being of the older generation viewed it as crap. Or his dad is a hermit socialist commie who hates America and lives with his mommy.


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tweetypie 18

On what!?!? Tell me please!!! I need to know!!!

KrazyKatz3 26

What? They said sell it on. As in sell it to someone else...

take it back and never get him expensive gifts anymore.

You spent a lot of money on a bit of obscure sports memorabilia. Why? Did your Dad ASK for something like that?

This. I have to wonder if you bought it because it was hard to get and expensive, or because you genuinely thought he would like it and had shown interest in similar items.

Yarrachel 16

I highly doubt he would spend that much money on a present if he didn't think his Dad would like it.

Time to take it back! Why was it at your gp's anyways