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By  Steephx0  |  23

I don't understand why people do this, except for maybe as a prank. If you can't afford something, just make a gift or don't buy anything. Do they think you'll not notice your own stuff?

By  kangx1  |  28

FML wording a little confusing. Did he re-gift you your clothes or get identical ones? I feel it could be the former but then again why would your uncle have access to 80$ worth of your clothes?

By  pro_panda_ganda  |  10

Ah, first-world problems. I feel for you. Maybe donate to someone less fortunate who actually doesn't even have $80 to buy any clothes at all? No? Right...Christmas was all about our own selfish ways...

  fakedsincerity  |  32

It's not a "first world problem" if her uncle stole her clothes and then gave them back to her pretending his bought them?

It's just called her uncle being a dick.

By  jazalea8  |  16

That is creepy no matter how you word it. 1. If he got you the same clothes, then how would he know what you would wear and your size. It also depends on what clothes that would be (pants, shirts, underwear, etc.). 2. If he took your clothes and then wrapped them, it is creepy he is going through your drawers/closet. Men just don't go through girls clothes for that purpose. I find something else is creepy going on.

By  DoctorMEW  |  19

Similar happened to me. Gifts my brother gave me was 2 of my beers and a DVD I got black Friday along with a phone case he did not need anymore (and not one I can use) all wrapped up. Also the only things he ended up getting me.